Aviation safety issues and actions

Design of the LIZZI FIVE RWY 34 VICTOR ARRIVAL at Melbourne Airport

Issue number: AO-2012-120-SI-02
Who it affects: All flight crew of large jet aircraft conducting the visual approach via SHEED waypoint to runway 34 at Melbourne.
Issue owner: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Transport function: Aviation: Airspace management
Background: Investigation Report AO-2012-120
Issue release date: 01 September 2015
Current issue status: Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

The ATSB is satisfied that the action taken by CASA in reviewing the approach design, in conjunction with the proposed amendment to MATS in March 2016 (see action AO-2012-120-NSA-050) has eliminated the risk associated with the safety issue.

Safety issue description

The LIZZI FIVE RWY 34 VICTOR ARRIVAL required a 3.5° descent profile after passing the SHEED waypoint for visual approach to runway 34 at Melbourne, increasing the risk of an unstable approach.

Proactive Action

Action number: AO-2012-120-NSA-051
Action organisation: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Date: 01 September 2015
Action status: Closed

In response to this safety issue, the Civil Aviation safety Authority (CASA) advised that:

CASA acknowledges the Safety Issue identified by the ATSB in relation to the descent profile of the LIZZI FIVE RWY 34 VICTOR ARRIVAL. 3.5 is at the upper limit specified in Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Operations (PANS-OPS) Volume II for instrument flight procedures designed for Category D aircraft (including the Boeing 747). CASA intends to engage with Airservices to ensure the procedure meets instrument procedure design and ‘flyability’ standards.

Additional correspondence

Response date: 28 January 2016
Response from: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Response text:

CASA provided further advice as follows:

The approach is designed to keep aircraft higher than would otherwise be the case because the approach passes directly over Essendon Airport. CASA has examined the approach after waypoint SHEED and considers it to be steeper than desirable but compliant with the ICAO standards in PAN-OPS (Doc 8168).

Furthermore, Airservices has instructed its controllers not to clear any “Super” and “Heavy” flight for the runway 34 visual STARS by publishing a Temporary Ops Instruction (TOI) to that effect. The exceptions are Australian and New Zealand operators because they are considered to be frequent enough visitors to MEL to have sufficient local knowledge to continue flying the approach. The TOI will be incorporated permanently into the Manual of Air Traffic Services at the next revision.

Last update 16 February 2016