Aviation safety issues and actions

Cairns air traffic control procedures

Issue number: AO-2011-147-SI-02
Issue owner: Airservices Australia
Transport function: Aviation: Airspace management
Background: Investigation Report AO-2011-147
Issue release date: 04 February 2013
Current issue status: Adequately addressed

Safety issue description

The Cairns air traffic control procedures that defined a minimum spacing of 5 NM to be established when there were no departures (when the cloud base is less than 1,000 ft and/or visibility is less than 2,000 m) were inadequate to assure separation during a missed approach event and may result in future loss of separation occurrences.

Proactive Action

Action number: AO-2011-147-NSA-027
Action organisation: Airservices Australia
Date: 04 February 2013
Action status: Closed
Airservices has addressed the safety issue identified in the investigation through the implementation of a combined missed approach procedure refresher training program.
Last update 08 January 2014