Aviation safety issues and actions

Flight crew proficiency

Issue number: AO-2010-027-SI-01
Issue owner: AirAsia X
Transport function: Aviation: Air transport
Background: Investigation Report AO-2010-027
Issue release date: 10 February 2012
Current issue status: Adequately addressed
Issue status justification: The Aircraft operator has implemented additional training to ensure that their flight crew are adequately prepared to conduct a more complex approach such as the Gold Coast approaches

Safety issue description

The aircraft operator’s flight crews were probably not adequately equipped to manage the vertical profile of non-precision approaches in other than autopilot managed mode.

Proactive Action

Action number: AO-2010-027-NSA-024
Action organisation: AirAsia X
Date: 10 February 2012
Action status: Closed
In response to these occurrences, AirAsia X developed a simulator training session that specifically targeted the Gold Coast approaches and emphasised the preference for pilots to conduct managed approaches. All flight crews were required to complete this training prior to further operations into the Gold Coast. In addition, AirAsia X implemented additional training and checking of crews operating to the Gold Coast and an instructor standardisation and enhancement program.
Last update 08 January 2014