Aviation safety issues and actions

Out of hours Phone Numbers for Proserpine Airport

Issue number: AO-2010-012-SI-02
Who it affects: All operators using Proserpine Airport
Issue owner: Other
Transport function: Aviation: Airports
Background: Investigation Report AO-2010-012
Issue release date: 30 November 2010
Current issue status: Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

WRC and Jeppesen have provided evidence that action has taken place.

Safety issue description

The Out of Hours telephone numbers for Proserpine Airport, listed in the Jeppesen Airways Manual, were incorrect.

Proactive Action

Action number: AO-2010-012-NSA-011
Action organisation: Jeppesen
Date: 30 November 2010
Action status: Closed
Following advice of this safety issue, Jeppesen revised their data for Proserpine/Whitsunday Coast Aerodrome, including the telephone numbers, and published it in their next amendment cycle.

ATSB comment:

The ATSB is satisfied that the action taken by Jeppesen has adequately addressed the safety issue.
Last update 30 January 2014