Aviation safety issues and actions

Buildings dimensions and location

Issue number: AO-2010-008-SI-01
Who it affects: The Canberra Airport operator and all flight operations to runway 12, at Canberra Airport
Issue owner: Canberra Airport Operator
Transport function: Aviation: Airports
Background: Investigation Report AO-2010-008
Issue release date: 05 April 2011

Safety issue description

Two buildings were constructed north of the runway 12 threshold at a height and position that could generate turbulence affecting the approach, threshold and touchdown areas of the runway under some wind conditions.

Proactive Action

Action number: AO-2010-008-NSA-020
Action organisation: Canberra Airport Operator
Date: 05 April 2011
Action status: Closed

Canberra Airport Pty Ltd has proposed the following:

• the continued commissioning of wind impact studies for future developments; and

• that Canberra Airport will discuss with operators at the Airport the use of runway 12, whether there have been any other turbulent events, and assess their views on what action should be taken, if any, to maintain safety in the use of the runway.

ATSB comment:

The ATSB acknowledges the action taken by Canberra Airport to addresses these safety issues. However, there is the potential for the inclusion of an entry in the En Route Supplement Australia, similar to that affecting aircraft operations to runway 35 at Canberra during strong westerly winds, to alert pilots of the possibility of turbulence during operations on runway 12 in north easterly winds. It may be that, after the planned discussions between Canberra Airport Pty Ltd and the operators at the airport, such action might be considered an appropriate safety response to that risk.

Last update 30 January 2014