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Back Creek
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Occurrence Investigation
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Highest injury level

At approximately 1830 on Saturday 10 March 2007, a semi trailer
partially loaded with hay bales drove into the path of empty grain
train 3835 at the Tallabung to Back Creek Road level crossing, NSW.
The semi trailer driver was fatally injured in the collision.

The train derailed and, with the crushed semi trailer underneath
the leading locomotive, travelled 144 m further onto and over the
timber and concrete rail bridge over the Back Creek watercourse.
The leading locomotive came to a rest off the track on the
embankment past the bridge; the other two locomotives came to rest
on the bridge.

The wreckage caught fire following the collision, ultimately
destroying all three locomotives, the bridge superstructure and the
semi trailer. The train crew, although injured, were able to exit
the leading locomotive and escape from the fire.

The investigation found that the semi trailer driver drove into
the path of the train without stopping at the level crossing's
'Stop' sign. On the evidence

Train Details
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Departure point
Cootmundra, NSW
Rail occurrence type
Gilgandra, NSW
Rail Operation Type
Bulk Grain Train