Investigation number
Occurrence date
Bangkok, Airport, Thailand
Report release date
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Investigation type
Occurrence Investigation
Investigation status
Aviation occurrence type
Runway excursion
Occurrence category
Highest injury level

The aircraft overran the end of runway 21L after landing. The runway was wet from very heavy rain. The crew had flown the approach with flaps 25 selected, and had intended to select idle reverse thrust after touchdown.

The aircraft encountered very heavy rain on late final approach and deviated above the glideslope. Just before touchdown, the captain instructed the first officer (the flying pilot) to go around. As thrust was being increased, the main wheels contacted the runway. The captain then retarded the thrust levers and the crew commenced manual braking about 7 seconds later. Reverse thrust was not selected.

Touchdown occurred about 1,000 m along the runway and the aircraft entered the overrun at 88 kts. Partial dynamic hydroplaning had occurred during the landing roll. This, along with the absence of reverse thrust, reducing the stopping forces available to slow the aircraft.

The aircraft nose landing gear and one main landing gear separated during the overrun sequence.

The captain ordered a precautionary disembarkation of the aircraft about 20 minutes after it came to rest.