Light Utility Helicopter Safety in Australia


Light utility helicopters made up half the fleet of registered helicopters in Australia, yet were involved in 72 per cent of helicopter accidents between January 1985 and December 2003. This report compared the relative safety of four light utility helicopter models. These are the: Robinson R22, 47G (made variously by Bell Helicopter Company, Agusta SPA Costruzioni or Kawasaki Heavy Industries), 269 (made by Hughes Helicopters or Schweizer Aircraft Corporation) and Hiller UH-12E. These helicopters are primarily single engine, reciprocating engine aircraft and the demand for them in Australia is high. The number of light utility helicopters on the civil register grew by 36 per cent between 1990 and 2002. The aim of this report was to determine if any particular light utility helicopter model has a higher risk profile than similar aircraft. For each of the light utility helicopter models the report compared accident trends (fatal and non-fatal), accident rates per registered aircraft, fatal accident rates per hours flown and accident rates per hours flown.

Type: Research and Analysis Report
Publication date: 19 June 2004
ISBN: 1 877071 71 4
Publication number: BE/04/73
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Last update 07 April 2014
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