Annual Review 2001


The ATSB Annual Review 2001 documents ATSB's achievements and safety activities from 1 July 2000 to 30 June 2001 and outlines its business planning for 2001-2002

Producing the annual review is in line with a recommendation of the McGrath report into the former Bureau of Air Safety Investigation released in August 1999 to improve the transparency and accountability of the Bureau.

Creation of the ATSB on 1 July 1999 brought together the safety investigation, statistical analysis, research and safety program management of the Commonwealth's transport safety role in one multi-modal agency within the Department of Transport and Regional Services. ATSB intends to prepare an annual review to provide all stakeholders with an overview of its activities and safety in each transport mode. This first review covers a range of topics including:

  • ATSB's safety mission, values, organisational structure, operational environment and internal management;
  • key ATSB safety results by transport mode;
  • a statistical overview of safety in the transport modes of road, rail, aviation and marine;
  • ATSB participation in Parliamentary inquiries; and
  • ATSB's performance against the measures in the 1999-2000 Portfolio Budget Statements.
Type: Annual Report
Publication date: 22 October 2001
ISBN: 0642274762
ISSN: 14444798
Last update 07 April 2014
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