Examination of Aircraft Wreckage Cessna Aircraft Co. U206A, VH-XGR


Executive Summary

The partial wreckage of a Cessna 206 aircraft was recovered from an area in the Gulf of Carpentaria, near where an aircraft of this type disappeared on 24-November 1999 (ATSB Occurrence number 199905562).

Photographs and video footage of the wreckage were supplied to the ATSB and reviewed with a view to gathering further detail regarding the accident. The ATSB bsubsequently requested that the propeller and attitude indicator instrument from the aircraft be shipped to the bureau's Canberra laboratories for further study and analysis. On the basis of damage to several aircraft articles recovered during the initial search, the original investigation concluded that the aircraft had impacted the water at high speed. The findings of the recent study concurred with this. From the attitude indicator and propeller it was possible to conclude with good probability that the aircraft impacted the water at high speed in an uncontrolled, inverted attitude. Evidence indicated that the propeller was rotating at impact, although it was not possible to determine whether the engine was developing power.

N.R. Blyth
Senior Transport Safety Investigator
Technical Analysis

Publication date: 24 November 1999
Last update 23 November 2010
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