ATSB teaches a marine safety investigation course in Jakarta

Two senior ATSB marine investigators travelled to Jakarta recently to deliver a Marine Safety Investigation Course (MSIC) to their counterparts in Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) and to representatives from the Indonesian maritime industry.

Senior Transport Safety Investigator Mike Hooley discusses transport safety investigation with Indonesian students.

ATSB Manager of International, Dr Richard Batt, said the course was an example of the ATSB’s close collaboration with its counterpart in Indonesia, a relationship which is of significant benefit to both agencies.

“This is the second MSIC we’ve provided to our colleagues in Indonesia,” said Dr Batt, “and, once again, it’s received a very positive reception.”

The ATSB investigators, Mike Hooley and Tristan Shandy, presented to 25 attendees. Over the course of three days, they gave instruction on marine safety investigations and the casualty investigation code, including techniques in interviewing and analysis.

The course is part of the ongoing Indonesia Transport Safety Assistance Package (ITSAP). ITSAP was developed between Australia and the Government of Indonesia to address key Indonesian transport safety priorities. The main elements of the ATSB's contribution to the program have been to deliver training and support for investigators from the ATSB's Indonesian counterpart agency, the NTSC.

This has included the ATSB providing staff dedicated to various capability-building projects, funding ATSB training courses in Indonesia and Australia, and opportunities for aviation, marine, and rail investigators to work with their ATSB counterparts.

The cooperation between the ATSB and the NTSC is one of the key elements in ensuring lasting transportation safety for the people of Indonesia and Australian travellers to Indonesia.

“We’re working together to build a safer transport sphere throughout the region,” said Dr Batt.

Last update 30 November 2017