ATSB’s Corporate Plan re-positions the agency to face its challenges – with courage and determination

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has released its latest corporate plan, outlining the agency’s priorities, deliverables and challenges for the coming four years.

Greg Hood Chief Commissioner

Greg Hood, Chief Commissioner and CEO of the ATSB, acknowledged that the plan was an important compass for the agency. “This is a substantial and outcome-focussed blueprint for the ATSB’s future,” said Mr Hood. “We are pursuing a significant reform agenda designed to enable better resource allocation and utilisation across the agency.”

In demonstrating increased effectiveness, the ATSB will become more selective in how it allocates resources towards investigating those accidents and serious incidents that have the greatest potential for safety learnings and enhancements. Concurrently, the ATSB will expand its capacity to improve transport safety outside of these traditional investigations, through safety issue investigations, through greater interaction with operators and regulators, with data and other intelligence in its possession, and through amplified communications, education and promotion.

“The ATSB’s greatest resource continues to be its people,” said Mr Hood. “Our transport safety investigators are world-class, and we are working hard to attract, develop, and retain the best people – people who have our shared values, passion and drive to improve transport safety for all Australians.”

Read the ATSB’s latest corporate plan.

Last update 31 August 2017