The ATSB is urging pilots and operators to report wirestrikes and all significant aviation occurrences.

Even if there's no damage to the aircraft or no injuries to people onboard the aircraft, reporting can help identify hotspots and ultimately save lives.

Wirestrikes occur when an aircraft flies into a powerline or cable. They can happen to any low-flying aircraft involved in any operation, including aerial agricultural and mustering, private flights, sport aviation, and survey flights.

A new report released today by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) shows that around 100 wirestrikes had not been reported between 2003 and 2011. Under law, aviation accidents and serious incidents, such as wirestrikes, need to be reported to the ATSB.

ATSB Chief Commissioner Martin Dolan said the reporting of wirestrikes and other aviation occurrences greatly helps in preventing loss of life and injuries.

"We need to be told when things go wrong, so that we can examine what happened and see what needs to be done to improve future safety."

Pilots and operators involved in a wirestrike occurrence should report to the ATSB. Notifications can be made via the toll free number 1800 011 034 (available 24/7) or via the ATSB notification website.

Follow this link for a copy of the report, Under reporting of aviation wirestrikes.

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Last update 15 March 2016

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