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27 Jul 2021 [News Item] ATSB releases Van’s RV-7A in-flight break-up investigation preliminary report
22 Jul 2021 [News Item] Uncommanded TOGA mode activation shows how flight crews can be faced with non-normal situations
21 Jul 2021 [News Item] Airspeed miscompare indication due to pitot tube blockage
20 Jul 2021 [News Item] Unsecured locomotive hatch exceeded rolling stock outline prior to collision with train on adjacent track
16 Jul 2021 [News Item] Thorough pre-flight preparation the best defence against flying into deteriorating weather
9 Jul 2021 [News Item] ATSB releases R22 wirestrike mustering accident investigation preliminary report
8 Jul 2021 [News Item] ATSB investigation highlights safety issues with emergency egress from the Cessna 206 rear cargo door
30 Jun 2021 [News Item] Greg Hood retires as ATSB Chief Commissioner
30 Jun 2021 [News Item] New inspection procedures introduced for Cessna 441 emergency exit doors following depressurisation incident due to disbonding
29 Jun 2021 [News Item] Incursion removes required runway separation
28 Jun 2021 [News Item] Fractured wagon highlights importance of proper management of ageing rolling stock
25 Jun 2021 [News Item] Deviation from localiser track should have resulted in a missed approach
24 Jun 2021 [News Item] Depressurisation and crew incapacitation highlights the hazards of system malfunctions that are not resolved by following checklist procedures
23 Jun 2021 [News Item] Helicopter accident after last light highlights the significant risk of visual pilots attempting to fly in instrument conditions
16 Jun 2021 [News Item] Limited consolidation on type, reduced safety margin while operating in  performance-limited conditions contribute to helicopter accident
10 Jun 2021 [News Item] Interim report outlines planned safety action following Wallan XPT derailment
7 Jun 2021 [News Item] ATSB issues Safety Advisory Notice to Robinson R44 helicopter operators following drive train failure
4 Jun 2021 [News Item] ATSB releases Sutton Cessna 172 power line survey accident preliminary report
27 May 2021 [News Item] Fuel exhaustion and highway forced landing highlights the importance of accurate fuel management
26 May 2021 [News Item] Pilot uncontactable for 40 minutes fell asleep due to fatigue exacerbated by mild hypoxia
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