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22 Apr 2022 [News Item] MH370 data review joint statement from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau & Geoscience Australia
19 Apr 2022 [News Item] ATSB releases King River helicopter accident preliminary report
8 Apr 2022 [News Item] Rescue helicopter pilot’s loss of hover reference leads to unintended drift and descent
6 Apr 2022 [News Item] R44 in-flight break-up highlights risk of extreme teetering and mast bumps
5 Apr 2022 [News Item] Distracted truck driver saw train too late before level crossing collision
4 Apr 2022 [News Item] Amateur-built aircraft’s stall-spin accident demonstrates complexities of managing a partial loss of engine power
4 Apr 2022 [News Item] Safety changes after Newcastle coal train collision
31 Mar 2022 [News Item] ATSB releases Mangalore mid-air collision investigation final report
30 Mar 2022 [News Item] Wirestrike highlights the importance of conducting a risk assessment before unplanned mustering tasks
29 Mar 2022 [News Item] Risk and change management limitations contributed to near collision between passenger trains south of Brisbane
25 Mar 2022 [News Item] ATSB investigation highlights potential to further reduce Ballina airspace safety risk
23 Mar 2022 [News Item] Landing gear not retracted after take-off demonstrates how diverted attention or focus may result in errors of omission
17 Mar 2022 [News Item] Ore train runaway and derailment highlights the importance of change management, risk assessment processes
16 Mar 2022 [News Item] Passenger jet take-off without airspeed information highlights how individually straightforward factors can combine to nullify multiple critical safety barriers
9 Mar 2022 [News Item] Flight crew did not notice declining airspeed before stick shaker activation
8 Mar 2022 [News Item] A320 main landing gear torque link apex pin fatigue failure
4 Mar 2022 [News Item] Correctly fitted, secured and maintained flight helmets can save lives
2 Mar 2022 [News Item] Improperly-secured insulation blanket lodged in freighter aircraft’s pressurisation outflow valve
1 Mar 2022 [News Item] Flight below minimum altitude a reminder of high workload during approach, landing
28 Feb 2022 [News Item] ATSB releases Redcliffe scenic flight accident preliminary report
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