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11 Jun 2020 [News Item] ATSB releases Lockhart River Cessna collision with terrain preliminary report
11 Jun 2020 [News Item] ATSB Commissioner Chris Manning reappointed
10 Jun 2020 [News Item] Derailment investigation highlights the importance of the consistent application of procedures to control train speed when approaching train order locations
9 Jun 2020 [News Item] Separation incident highlights importance of understanding traffic positions and intentions in CTAF operations
5 Jun 2020 [News Item] Outdated circuit wiring diagram leads to signalling irregularity
3 Jun 2020 [News Item] Fatal ship elevator accident highlights the importance of applying safety management procedures
2 Jun 2020 [News Item] Incorrect turn after take-off following runway data input error
29 May 2020 [News Item] Take-off accident highlights managing unanticipated yaw in shrouded tail rotor helicopters
26 May 2020 [News Item] Poor track condition, speed contributed to grain train derailment
22 May 2020 [News Item] ATSB releases aerial firefighting occurrences safety analysis
21 May 2020 [News Item] R22 helicopter’s collision with terrain highlights the risks of low-level flying in hazardous weather conditions
20 May 2020 [News Item] Landing accident highlights decision-making under high workload environments
19 May 2020 [News Item] Accident highlights the importance of pre-flight planning of application runs to account for nearby terrain
14 May 2020 [News Item] Dash 8 emergency exit ditching dam deploys in flight
13 May 2020 [News Item] Pitch trim runaway highlights the importance of pitch trim system training and checking
8 May 2020 [News Item] ATSB Chief Commissioner reappointed ITSA chair
7 May 2020 [News Item] Undetected track failure leads to derailment of freight train
6 May 2020 [News Item] Cracked rotor blade highlights importance of vigilant pre-flight inspections
5 May 2020 [News Item] Investigation finds engine automatic ignition system worked as designed, highlights appropriate use of selecting manual ignition
30 Apr 2020 [News Item] Accident highlights risks inherent in simulated engine failures after take-off
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