FlySafe 2019 Aviation Safety Forum

The FlySafe 2019 Aviation Safety Forum is a first for the Australian aviation community and is open and complimentary to AVALON 2019 trade visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates.

FlySafe 2019

The FlySafe 2019 program includes presentations from Airservices CEO Jason Harfield, ATSB Chief Commissioner Greg Hood, and CASA CEO and Director of Aviation Safety Shane Carmody.

The forum will also hear from Group Captain Nigel Ward, Director of the Defence Flight Safety Bureau (DFSB), and from the Chief Commissioner of New Zealand’s Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC), Jane Meares.

Safety experts from Airservices, the ATSB and CASA will be discussing the benefits of enabling a positive safety reporting culture, and will also talk though a hypothetical accident at a busy airport to describe the roles each agency plays to improve safety.

Limited registrations are available. To register, email your name, title and affiliation to:

FlySafe 2019 represents a unique opportunity for the aviation industry to address and confront safety issues, and to hear first-hand how the three agencies continue to work together to improve aviation safety in Australia.

Last update 03 January 2019