Section 49 Notices

OBR ceasing to be an OBR under declaration of the ATSB

Section 49 of the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003 (TSI Act) provides for the ATSB declaring a vehicle's On-Board Recording (OBR) should not be treated as such for the purposes of Part 6 Division 1 of the TSI Act.

Note: section 48 of the Act contains a definition for an OBR.

Part 6 Division 1 of the TSI Act provides for certain confidentiality protections which must be applied to OBRs.  Where an OBR is declared not to be an OBR please note that protections other than those in the TSI Act may remain, including under legislation such as the Privacy Act 1988.

For Marine, OBRs connected with the following occurrences are declared not to be OBRs for the purpose of the TSI Act:

Last update 12 January 2016