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Aviation accident or incident notification form

Accidents and serious incidents (commonly called Immediately Reportable Matters), which affect the safety of aircraft must, in the first instance, be notified to the ATSB by telephone toll-free call - 1800 011 034.

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This form can be used to report all aviation safety occurrences. Accidents and serious incidents which affect the safety of aircraft must in the first instance be reported to the ATSB by telephone toll-free call, 1800 011 034.

The ATSB collects information for the purposes of enhancing transport safety. The collection of aviation accident and incident information is required in connection with the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003.

Privacy: Information may be disclosed to other organisations or individuals in the interests of safety. Where possible, the ATSB will remove information that directly identifies an individual (i.e. names, licence numbers and addresses). However, other indirect identifiers (i.e. times, dates and locations for the occurrence of incidents) will usually be disclosed in the interests of safety. If the information is the subject of an investigation it will only be used in accordance with the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003. See also the ATSB’s Privacy Policy at www.atsb.gov.au.

Information disclosed to CASA: The ATSB and CASA have developed a mandatory notifications information sharing policy. The policy outlines the requirements for the information and provides advice on the manner in which it will be used when shared between the two agencies.

Misleading Reports: Submission of information known by the reporter to be false or misleading is a serious offence under section 137.1 of the Criminal Code. Aiding, abetting, counselling, procuring or urging the submission of false or misleading information is also a serious offence.

Security: This form is submitted securely.

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Contact ATSB by telephone toll-free call - 1800 011 034.

Additional information about Aviation Accident or Incident Notifications.

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