Working in the ATSB

Our culture

The strength of the ATSB is its people. The staff of the ATSB are a small group of highly committed professionals, working together with a strong common purpose – to improve safety. We approach our work in accordance with five key principles intended to maintain trust in our organisation:

  • Independence         we think for ourselves
  • Engagement           we work with others
  • Rigour                    we rely on evidence
  • Innovation              we are open to new ideas
  • Relevance               we make a difference

As professional public servants, we behave in a manner that upholds the integrity and good reputation of the ATSB. We also foster the ‘one APS’ model through our adherence of the APS Values, Employment Principles and Code of Conduct.

In support of these claims are our organisational wellbeing indicators generated through recent staff surveys including;

  • My job gives me opportunities to utilise my skills, knowledge and experience – 85% positive
  • Employees in my agency feel they are valued for their contribution – 80% positive
  • I am willing to put in the extra effort to get the job done – 98% positive
  • The behaviour of the people I work with is consistent with the APS Values and Code of Conduct – 90% positive (remaining 10% were neutral)
  • I would recommend my agency as a good place to work – 86% positive
  • I am proud to work in my agency – 85% positive

Another important facet of our culture is the ATSB’s ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive workplace that recognises and values the contributions of people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. These commitments are articulated through our Workforce Diversity Program 2011-2014, Agency Multicultural Plan 2013-2015 and Workplace Bullying and Harassment Procedure respectively.  

  • Employees in my agency feel they are valued for their contributions – 84% positive

Employment benefits

The ATSB’s employment conditions are established through the ATSB Enterprise Agreement 2015 and separate Section 24-1 Determination. ATSB employees receive competitive salaries and a range of other generous provisions associated with superannuation (15.4% employer contribution), allowances, various leave types and flexible working arrangements.

  • I am satisfied with the non-monetary employment conditions – 86% positive
  • I am generally able to keep a balance between my work and personal life – 78% positive

In addition, the ATSB recognises that high quality learning and development is vital to the success of any operationally focussed organisation that relies on its credibility to effect positive safety outcomes. All ATSB employees have access to ongoing professional development opportunities including the ability to maintain industry/corporate based qualifications (where practical) and targeted tertiary pursuits.

  • My workplace provides access to effective learning and development – 88% positive
  • My workplace provides opportunities to increase knowledge and or experience in my job – 85% positive

Being an operationally focussed organisation, the ATSB is also fully committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees. This commitment is driven through our dedicated Work, Health and Safety Committee and those senior officers appointed under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth).

  • The people in my work group are committed to workplace safety – 96% positive
  • My supervisor is committed to workplace safety – 98% positive

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Last update 20 August 2019