Memoranda of understanding

The ATSB has entered into Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with organisations where such an agreement will assist in facilitating cooperation during an ATSB investigation. The MoUs recognise the separate and independent roles of the parties but confirm their commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for transport safety. In some cases, an alternative means of formalising cooperation between the ATSB and another organisation has been negotiated, for example, by a Letter of Cooperation.


Industry associations


  • Asia and Pacific Regions Code of Conduct on Cooperation Relating to Civil Aviation Accident/Incident Investigation. [PDFPDF: 94KB]





  • Department of Transport and Main Roads - Queensland [PDFPDF: 100KB]

Investigator agreements:

  • Collaboration Agreement: ATSB_CITS_OTSI [PDFPDF: 74KB]

Regulator agreements:

Letters of Cooperation

Last update 07 February 2019