International recognition

Air Safety Through Investigation

ISASI "Lederer Award"

The International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) has for only the second time in its 45-year history selected two recipients for is coveted  Jerome F. Lederer Aviation Award. Named as year 2009 recipients are Captain Richard B. Stone and the Australian Aviation Transport Safety Bureau.


The award is given for outstanding lifetime contributions to technical excellence in furthering aviation accident investigation and achieving Society objectives. ISASI is an organization dedicated to enhancing aviation safety through the continuing development and improvement of air accident investigation techniques. To this end its membership is made up of persons from 57 countries who are actively engaged in the investigation of aircraft accidents or in prevention activities that identify, eliminate or control aviation hazards before accidents result.

A retired (1992) Delta Captain, Stone began his aviation career as a US Air Force pilot  and his civil aviation career with Northeast Airlines in 1957, which was later absorbed by Delta Airlines. He has remained active in aviation as a consultant for various government and industry aviation interests until the present day. Captain Stone was deeply involved in aircraft accident investigation and prevention for the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)  for over two decades, having served in areas of Human Performance, Accident Investigation  and Aeromedical Resources. Captain Stone joined ISASI July 1969, and has served as US Councilor, President and is presently the Society's Executive Advisor and Chairman of its International Working Group on Human Factors.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) holds a worldwide reputation for excellence based on its operational independence, objectivity and technical competence in accident investigation. Its expertise and contribution to the field of human factor at both the individual and organizational level is acknowledged as world class. The bureau was one of the first world's civil aviation safety investigation organizations to develop a capability in human factors, and system safety. Subsequent advanced research work has led the Bureau to become a world leader in proactive accident prevention and safety enhancement as well as core accident investigation. The Bureau's ongoing commitment to the behavioral science of human and organizational factors in transport safety is at the heart of its credibility and underlies its reputation as a leading safety investigation agency in the world arena.


1 October 2009