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Careers at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau

Working as “one team”, we have created an operational environment where our greatest resource – our people – will more effectively bring to bear their collective wealth of core skills and attributes to improve transport safety across the aviation, rail and marine transport sectors.

The ATSB's function is to improve safety and public confidence in the aviation, marine and rail modes of transport through excellence in:

  • independent investigation of transport accidents and other safety occurrences;
  • safety data recording, analysis and research; and
  • fostering safety awareness, knowledge and action. 

Should you require further assistance in terms of submitting your application, please contact our Recruitment Officer on 02 6122 1708 or via email to: recruitment@atsb.gov.au


Current position vacant

Title:Transport Safety Investigator
Classification:APS Level 6 – Executive Level 1 (TSI Broadband)
Position number:2019/06
Salary:$91,064 - $117,921
Branch:Transport Safety Division
Location:Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and potentially Sydney
Security clearance:Baseline
Close date:Monday, 27 January 2020
Contact officer:Recruitment on (02) 6122 1708

About the position

The role of a Transport Safety Investigator (TSI) is multifaceted and therefore more encompassing than just attending aviation, rail and/or marine accident sites. Whilst having a credible level of specialist knowledge based on appropriate qualifications and relevant industry experience is desirable, TSIs must be able to demonstrate:

  • personnel management and leadership skills capable of leading teams of like-minded professionals within a collaborative environment
  • analytical and written skills capable of producing a final published transport safety investigation report
  • project management skills capable of achieving a defined outcome, with agreed resources and within a prescribed time period
  • communication and stakeholder management skills capable of professionally representing the ATSB’s interests with a range of government and private sector organisations and the general public
  • an ability to work collaboratively and cooperatively and recognise/respect the work preferences and different views of others
  • an ability to apply industry knowledge and experience impartially
  • an understanding of, or an ability to acquire and apply a knowledge of, relevant legislation and supporting regulations
  • an ongoing commitment to self-development and the maintenance of industry awareness.

Interested candidates must have established industry based safety awareness, and proven communication, analytical, project management and technical written skills.

The ATSB is currently looking for a range of industry experience across the land, air and sea transport sectors, and in particular those that have a particular interest in improving safety in transport. 

To be successful in the role of Transport Safety Investigator you will have industry experience, skills and/or qualifications in one or more of the following:

  • Maritime offshore experience (> five years)
  • Rail infrastructure and/or operations experience (> five years)
  • Air transport experience in Regular Public Transport operations (recent and/or > five years)
  • Tertiary qualifications in Human Factors and/or > five years of experience working in a transport sector.


Application kit: (including position description and selection criteria)

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Applicant coversheet: (Attachment A)

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Last update 03 December 2019