Transport safety occurrence data

Each year, the ATSB receives thousands of reports on accidents and incidents, collectively called occurrences, across the rail, marine and aviation transport modes.

We use this occurrence data to prioritise independent investigations and to identify trends in transport safety.

We also produce an extensive range of research and statistical publications which provide analysis of the raw occurrence data. This analysis is used to help industry, the media and the general public better understand trends and emerging issues in transport safety.

The ATSB research program is published annually, around June, and sets out our research priorities for the coming financial year. The ATSB is funded to undertake about 10 major research projects each year.

We often receive requests for specific types of occurrence data. With limited resources available, each request needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

When determining whether we are able to fulfill these requests, we need to ensure that the information provided can be used to improve transport safety. Often the data that is requested may already be publicly available or has limited safety value, particularly if there is no context or analysis supporting the data set.

If you are seeking occurrence-related data, we recommend that you download the ATSB's research and statistical publications or view the aviation weekly occurrence summaries via the ATSB website.

We are continually refining our publications to provide greater analysis of occurrence data. If you have any feedback on our publications we would like to hear from you. Simply email

Last update 19 December 2011