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Safety awareness

Awareness and understanding of transport safety issues is increased through the promulgation of research and safety awareness information.

  • Current and proposed research program for 2015-2016 is available via this link.

  • Awareness and understanding of transport safety issues is increased through a range of activities including research and analysis activities.

  • Safety Watch highlights the broad safety concerns that come out of our investigation findings and from the occurrence data reported to us by industry.

  • The ATSB produces a range of materials for use by educational institutions, training organisations and individual members of the community. Also see the avoidable accidents series.

  • Flight Safety Australia is a quarterly magazine produced by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. The ATSB publishes a supplement in each issue. Online versions of the ATSB supplement are available here.

  • What is sad and unfortunate about the accidents described in the following case studies is that they were all avoidable.

  • A new online tool that lets you plot an aircraft's flight path using basic flight data.

  • Read safety concerns submitted to the ATSB.

  • Aviation and Rail occurrence data and statistics publications.

  • The ATSB receives thousands of reports on accidents and incidents, collectively called occurrences, across the rail, marine and aviation transport modes.

  • The ATSB’s investigations seek to identify safety issues and encourage safety action to reduce the risk of future accidents and incidents.

  • Safety issues and actions including recommendations and safety advisory notices.

  • The map below shows the areas where the ATSB is currently investigating aviation, maritime and rail accidents and incidents.

  • These summary reports were compiled from information provided to the ATSB by individuals or organisations involved in an accident or serious incident.

  • View a list of fact sheets or use the filter option to find different publication types.

  • ATSB's corporate brochures include information about the ATSB and safety investigations in Australia.

  • View ATSB annual reports.

  • View a list of available publications. Use the filter option to find different publication types.

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Last update 29 January 2014