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Training of flight crews on the instigation of a new procedure
The concern related to the training received by first officers in relation to a new procedure being introduced by the operator.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 12 Feb 2015
Ref no.: AR201500007
Controllers being unable to pass hazard alerts as weather information is not being received from the Dubbo Automatic Weather Information Service (AWIS)
The reporter advised that the AWIS at Dubbo was not transmitting complete information resulting in the controllers not being able to pass information to pilots relating to hazardous weather information.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 11 Feb 2015
Ref no.: AR201500006
The operator has not implemented safety actions which they had advised the ATSB they were going to implement in response to a safety issue identified in an ATSB investigation
The concern related to a safety action which the operator had advised the ATSB that they would implement to address a safety issue which was identified in an ATSB investigation.
Mode: Rail
Date: 30 Jan 2015
Ref no.: RR201500004
An operator not removing a train driver suspected of possessing drugs immediately
The concern related to an occasion when a suspicious substance was located in a driver’s compartment and the driver was not removed from his position immediately to ensure that the public were not put at risk.
Mode: Rail
Date: 13 Jan 2015
Ref no.: RR201500003
A track occupancy procedural change which is not reflected in the relevant form
The concern related to a change in the procedure to allocate a track occupancy authority (TOA) which is not reflected in the TOA form.
Mode: Rail
Date: 4 Jan 2015
Ref no.: RR201500001
Concerns relating to fatigue amongst the operator’s Licences Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAMEs) and the licence coverage
The concerns related to the operator’s fatigue management scheme and the lack of licence coverage to conduct the operator’s maintenance contract.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 23 Dec 2014
Ref no.: AR201400116
A change in procedure relating to the charging of the emergency floor strip lighting
The concern related to a procedural change which the reporter felt would reduce the safety in the cabin if an emergency occurred and the cabin had to be evacuated.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 12 Dec 2014
Ref no.: AR201400115
Aircraft taxied before the passengers were seated and baggage secured
The concern related to an international flight, operated by a foreign carrier, where late arriving passengers were not seated with baggage secured before the aircraft began to taxi.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 11 Dec 2014
Ref no.: AR201400113
The proposal with the council to allow a second gliding club on the airfield
The concern related to how the proposal to allow a second gliding club to operate on the airfield was being handled by the relevant authorities.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 2 Dec 2014
Ref no.: AR201400111
The lack of time taken to conduct testing for both the initial and renewal of instructor ratings by the organisation
The concern related to the short time spent in the aircraft by the testing officer with candidates when conducting both the initial issue and renewal of instructor ratings by the organisations testing officers.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 14 Nov 2014
Ref no.: AR201400104
A model aircraft club maintaining a listening watch on an incorrect frequency
The concern related to a model aircraft club, operating at an authorised landing area (ALA), which was maintaining a listening watch on the multicom frequency 126.7 even though the procedure has been changed and the club should be maintaining a listening watch on the area frequency.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 11 Nov 2014
Ref no.: AR201400105
Cabin Crew fatigue experienced during a late night Melbourne to Perth return flight
The concern related to the fatigue experienced by  the cabin crew member during a late night return flight from Melbourne to Perth.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 4 Nov 2014
Ref no.: AR201400099
Remotely piloted aircraft operating near Gold Coast and Sea World helipad
The concern related to an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which has been operating near the Gold Coast airport and Sea World Helipad
Mode: Aviation
Date: 26 Oct 2014
Ref no.: AR201400093
Concern that incidents are not being correctly recorded in daily performance summaries
The concern related to a number of incidents which the reporter is concerned that have not been recorded accurately in the supervisor’s daily performance summaries.
Mode: Rail
Date: 17 Oct 2014
Ref no.: RR201400015
Changes to the rosters which are likely to increase fatigue levels within the flying group
The concern relates to the changes which are being made to the flying roster and the possibility of increased fatigue due to these changes.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 16 Oct 2014
Ref no.: AR201400088
Concerns in relation to the operator’s safety management systems
The concern related to the operator’s safety culture and safety management system.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 25 Sep 2014
Ref no.: AR201400082
The use of Multicom(126.7) versus Area Frequency
The concern related to the lack of understanding by CASA as to the implication of minor changes to the AIP to aviation in regional areas.
Mode: Aviation
Date: 19 Sep 2014
Ref no.: AR201400080
ATSB reports not identifying CASA’s surveillance as a contributing safety factor when it is identified in the analysis as deficient
The concern relates to a number of ATSB investigation reports that, although they identify both that CASA have detected issues within an operator before an accident and have not taken any action, this has not been included as a contributing safety factor in the ATSB investigation findings. 
Mode: Aviation
Date: 18 Sep 2014
Ref no.: AR201400079
Trip device not failing to safe when damaged
The concern related to the design of a trip device which activates the brakes when a train passes a signal. The reporter is concerned that the device does not fail to safe when damaged.
Mode: Rail
Date: 14 Sep 2014
Ref no.: RR201400013
The excessive time taken to investigate minor incidents is resulting in rail workers not reporting safety incidents
The concern related to the time it takes the operator to investigate minor incidents. This results in all workers who are involved in an incident being stood down. This has an unintended result of making workers hesitant to report safety incidents.
Mode: Rail
Date: 25 Aug 2014
Ref no.: RR201400011
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