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Safety of track infrastructure
The concern related to the actions taken by management in downgrading or deleting faults on the operator’s track infrastructure without following the procedures.
Mode: Rail
Date: 17 Nov 2016
Ref no.: RR201600010
Fatigue management
The concern related to the fatigue management at [operator]
Mode: Rail
Date: 27 May 2016
Ref no.: RR201600005
Communications problems at a rail yard
The concern related to the communication problems at a rail yard.
Mode: Rail
Date: 14 Apr 2016
Ref no.: RR201600003
Electrification of the train access platform
The concern related to the continuing electrical problems at [location]
Mode: Rail
Date: 18 Jan 2016
Ref no.: RR201600001
Overloaded trains stopping while going through tunnels on very hot days
The concern related to overloaded trains de-rating while going through tunnels on very hot days. This results in the train crew having to use respirators to evacuate the tunnel.
Mode: Rail
Date: 6 Dec 2015
Ref no.: RR201500016
The audible alarm at a rail crossing
The concern related to a rail crossing where the reporter advised that the audible alarm had been switched off
Mode: Rail
Date: 29 Oct 2015
Ref no.: RR201500015
Driver Only Operations (DOO) are commencing but the appropriate consultation with staff has not occurred
The concern related to DOO which were commencing but the staff concerned had not been consulted and they were not aware of the risk assessments which had occurred.
Mode: Rail
Date: 29 Jun 2015
Ref no.: RR201500010
Safety culture within the organisation
The concern related to the safety culture within the operator leading to employees being too afraid to speak out about safety.
Mode: Rail
Date: 7 May 2015
Ref no.: RR201500005
The operator has not implemented safety actions which they had advised the ATSB they were going to implement in response to a safety issue identified in an ATSB investigation
The concern related to a safety action which the operator had advised the ATSB that they would implement to address a safety issue which was identified in an ATSB investigation.
Mode: Rail
Date: 30 Jan 2015
Ref no.: RR201500004
An operator not removing a train driver suspected of possessing drugs immediately
The concern related to an occasion when a suspicious substance was located in a driver’s compartment and the driver was not removed from his position immediately to ensure that the public were not put at risk.
Mode: Rail
Date: 13 Jan 2015
Ref no.: RR201500003
A track occupancy procedural change which is not reflected in the relevant form
The concern related to a change in the procedure to allocate a track occupancy authority (TOA) which is not reflected in the TOA form.
Mode: Rail
Date: 4 Jan 2015
Ref no.: RR201500001
Concern that incidents are not being correctly recorded in daily performance summaries
The concern related to a number of incidents which the reporter is concerned that have not been recorded accurately in the supervisor’s daily performance summaries.
Mode: Rail
Date: 17 Oct 2014
Ref no.: RR201400015
Trip device not failing to safe when damaged
The concern related to the design of a trip device which activates the brakes when a train passes a signal. The reporter is concerned that the device does not fail to safe when damaged.
Mode: Rail
Date: 14 Sep 2014
Ref no.: RR201400013
The excessive time taken to investigate minor incidents is resulting in rail workers not reporting safety incidents
The concern related to the time it takes the operator to investigate minor incidents. This results in all workers who are involved in an incident being stood down. This has an unintended result of making workers hesitant to report safety incidents.
Mode: Rail
Date: 25 Aug 2014
Ref no.: RR201400011
Lack on expertise in rolling stock maintenance
The concern relates to the lack of expertise in rolling stock maintenance as the technical expert has left the company.
Mode: Rail
Date: 2 Aug 2014
Ref no.: RR201400010
Concerns regarding poor track maintenance
The concern related to poor track maintenance leading to observed mudding of the ballast along a length of track and concerns for the stability of the track.
Mode: Rail
Date: 1 Jul 2014
Ref no.: RR201400008
Operator’s response to the NSW Coroner’s recommendations
The concern related the network operator’s response to the Coroner’s recommendations in relation to an accident which occurred on the operator’s main line service in which a person was fatally injured when they fell from a platform and were struck by two separate trains.
Mode: Rail
Date: 24 Jun 2014
Ref no.: RR201400007
Work being completed on safety critical components by unqualified contractors
The concern related to the maintenance and repair of safety critical components being conducted by contractors who were not appropriately qualified to carry out the work.
Mode: Rail
Date: 7 Mar 2014
Ref no.: RR20140004
Driver qualifications
The route qualification of contract drivers.
Mode: Rail
Date: 6 Feb 2014
Ref no.: RR201400002
Safety of rail workers in en electrified environment
The concern related to the safety of road / rail workers working in en electrified environment with no isolation of the power.
Mode: Rail
Date: 20 Nov 2013
Ref no.: RR201300020
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