Rail safety

As of midnight, 30 June 2017, the ATSB became the single national rail safety investigator for all States and Territories in Australia.

The ATSB’s rails safety investigation role occurs concurrently with the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator overseeing rail safety regulation in every Australian state and territory.

The ATSB investigates selectively, as do many equivalent organisations overseas. The aim is to concentrate ATSB’s resources on those investigations considered most likely to enhance rail safety. Because many accidents are repetitive in nature, investigating these in any detail may not be justified, given the ATSB’s limited resources. In such cases, the ATSB will not necessarily attend the scene, conduct an in-depth investigation or produce an extensive report.

When the ATSB investigates an accident or incident, investigators will seek to determine its circumstances, identify any safety issues, and encourage relevant safety action. The aim of all ATSB investigations is to prevent the occurrence of other accidents and incidents, rather than to assign blame or liability. This approach helps ensure the continued free flow of safety information for the purposes of improving safety in the future.

As required under the Transport Safety Investigation Regulations 2003 (TSI Regulations), train operating crew, rail and track owners and operators must report accidents and serious incidents (Category A occurrences) that occur as soon as practicable and by the quickest means possible.  Telephone all Cat. A occurrences directly to the ATSB, call the toll-free number 1800 011 034.



Last update 01 April 2019