Exposure draft of rail occurrence reporting regulations

The ATSB is providing an Exposure Draft of amendments to Part 4 of the Transport Safety Investigation Regulations 2003 (TSI Regs). These amendments give effect to proposed changes to the mandatory reporting requirements for rail notifiable occurrences and mirror the reporting requirements of the draft Rail Safety National Law National Regulations 2012 (National Regulations).

Consistent with consultation undertaken previously by the ATSB the Exposure Draft of the TSI Regs allows for:

  • Category A notifiable occurrences to be immediately reported to the ATSB by telephone and in writing to the National Rail Safety Regulator (NRSR) within 72 hours; and
  • Category B occurrences would be required to be reported in writing to the NRSR within 72 hours.


Download the Exposure Draft [Download PDFPDF: 102KB]

The Rail Safety National Law Regulations are the main source of the changes for reporting of rail Category A and B occurrences.  An exposure draft of the regulations with explanatory material is at the National Transport Commission website.

Last update 08 February 2019