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Investigation reports
Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
Sorted by Occurrence Date descending
317-MO-2014-014Contact with wharf by Big Glory at Cape Flattery, Qld on 20 November 201420 Nov 2014Final05 Mar 2015
306-MO-2014-001Serious injury on board the passenger ship Seven Seas Voyager while berthed in Sydney, NSW on 1 February 201401 Feb 2014Final23 Jan 2015
305-MO-2013-012Machinery failure on HC Rubina and subsequent contact with the wharf at Brisbane, Qld. on 29 October 201329 Oct 2013Final14 Nov 2014
310-MO-2014-005Serious injury of a crew member on board Julia N at Port Headland, WA on 28 June 201428 Jun 2014Final24 Sep 2014
304-MO-2013-011Grounding of Bosphorus in the Brisbane River, Qld on 29 October 201329 Oct 2013Final22 Sep 2014
309-MO-2014-004Stevedore fatality on board Tasmanian Achiever at Webb Dock, Melbourne, Vic on 20 May 201420 May 2014Final02 Sep 2014
ME-2014-007Fatigue assessment report: Assistance to TAIC New Zealand for the grounding of Rena on Astrolabe Reef on 5 October 201105 Oct 2011Final01 Sep 2014
303-MO-2013-010Crew member fatality on board, Toucan Arrow, Portland, Vic. on 7 October 201307 Oct 2013Final16 Jun 2014
297-MO-2013-003Fatality on board the motor yacht Calliope, Rozelle Bay, NSW, 8 February 201308 Feb 2013Final12 May 2014
300-MO-2013-007Fall from the pilot ladder on the bulk carrier Atlantic Princess, Whyalla, South Australia on 3 July 201303 Jul 2013Final09 May 2014
298-MO-2013-004Cargo shift on board the general cargo ship Mellum Trader off Broome, WA on 26 February 201326 Feb 2013Discontinued05 May 2014
301-MO-2013-008Fall from the pilot ladder on board the chemical tanker Golden Concord, Goods Island, Torres Strait, Qld on 4 July 201304 Jul 2013Final20 Mar 2014
299-MO-2013-005Crew member fatality on board the bulk carrier Nireas while at anchor off Gladstone, Queensland on 20 March 201320 Mar 2013Final04 Mar 2014
295-MO-2012-006Collision between the bulk carrier Furness Melbourne and the private yacht Riga II, north of Bowen, Qld on 26 May 201226 May 2012Final12 Dec 2013
302-MO-2013-009Serious injury of a crew member on board Mell Selarang Port of Townsville Qld, 20 August 201320 Aug 2013Final04 Nov 2013
237-MO-2007-237Collision between the boat Norma Jean and the barge Seatow 61 off Carnarvon, WA, 18 March 200718 Mar 2007Final03 Oct 2013
294-MO-2012-005Breakdown and subsequent drift towards danger of the bulk carrier ID Integrity, Coral Sea, 18 to 23 May 201217 May 2012Final22 Aug 2013
296-MO-2012-010Stevedore fatality on board the general cargo ship Weaver Arrow at Newcastle, NSW, 23 September 201223 Sep 2012Final04 Jun 2013
ME-2012-009Technical assistance to the Office of Transport Safety Investigation (NSW) in the analysis of positional information - close quarters event off Bradley Head, Sydney Harbour NSW on 25 July 201225 Jul 2012Final24 May 2013
292-MO-2012-001Foundering of the general cargo ship Tycoon, Christmas Island, 8 January 201208 Jan 2012Final23 May 2013
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