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Investigation reports
Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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301-MO-2013-008Fall from the pilot ladder on board the chemical tanker Golden Concord, Goods Island, Torres Strait, Qld on 4 July 201304 Jul 2013Final20 Mar 2014
299-MO-2013-005Crew member fatality on board the bulk carrier Nireas while at anchor off Gladstone, Queensland on 20 March 201320 Mar 2013Final04 Mar 2014
295-MO-2012-006Collision between the bulk carrier Furness Melbourne and the private yacht Riga II, north of Bowen, Qld on 26 May 201226 May 2012Final12 Dec 2013
302-MO-2013-009Serious injury of a crew member on board Mell Selarang Port of Townsville Qld, 20 August 201320 Aug 2013Final04 Nov 2013
305-MO-2013-012Machinery failure on HC Rubina and subsequent contact with the wharf at Brisbane, Qld. on 29 October 201329 Oct 2013FinalN/A
237-MO-2007-237Collision between the boat Norma Jean and the barge Seatow 61 off Carnarvon, WA, 18 March 200718 Mar 2007Final03 Oct 2013
ME-2012-008Investigation into the man overboard from the bulk carrier Blue Wave on 8 July 201208 Jul 2012Final27 Aug 2013
294-MO-2012-005Breakdown and subsequent drift towards danger of the bulk carrier ID Integrity, Coral Sea, 18 to 23 May 201217 May 2012Final22 Aug 2013
296-MO-2012-010Stevedore fatality on board the general cargo ship Weaver Arrow at Newcastle, NSW, 23 September 201223 Sep 2012Final04 Jun 2013
ME-2012-009Technical assistance to the Office of Transport Safety Investigation (NSW) in the analysis of positional information - close quarters event off Bradley Head, Sydney Harbour NSW on 25 July 201225 Jul 2012Final24 May 2013
292-MO-2012-001Foundering of the general cargo ship Tycoon, Christmas Island, 8 January 201208 Jan 2012Final23 May 2013
ME-2012-011Technical assistance to the Indonesian NTSC in the analysis of voyage data recorder (VDR) data from the MT Norgas Cathinka, following collision with ferry Bahuga Jaya, 26 September 201226 Sep 2012Final29 Apr 2013
291-MO-2011-011Fatality while storing the products tanker British Beech in Brisbane, Queensland on 15 December 201115 Dec 2011Final07 Mar 2013
286-MO-2011-005Capsize of the Australian registered tug Adonis at Gladstone, Qld, 11 June 201111 Jun 2011Final08 Feb 2013
290-MO-2011-010Man overboard fatality from the container ship MSC Siena, off Fremantle, WA on 17 November 201117 Nov 2011Final05 Feb 2013
282-MI-2010-011Safety issue investigation into Queensland Coastal Pilotage16 Dec 2010Final24 Oct 2012
283-MO-2011-001Thermal oil heater explosion on board the products tanker Qian Chi at Brisbane, Queensland 16 January 201116 Jan 2011Final05 Oct 2012
279-MO-2010-008Collision between the Liberian registered bulk carrier Grand Rodosi and the Australian registered fishing vessel Apollo S in Port Lincoln, SA on 8 October 201008 Oct 2010Final13 Sep 2012
285-MO-2011-004Grounding of the Panama registered bulk carrier Dumun at Gladstone, Queensland, on 29 April 201129 Apr 2011Final30 Jul 2012
293-MO-2012-002Cargo hold fire on board BBC Baltic at Port Hedland, Western Australia, 26 January 201226 Jan 2012Final28 Jun 2012
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