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Investigation reports
Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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RO-2007-003Derailment of Train 3MR2 near Roopena, South Australia on 22 May 200722 May 2007Final30 Jun 2008
RO-2007-008Collision between Tandem Tip Truck and the Indian Pacific Passenger Train, 4SA8, Virginia, SA, 13 December 200713 Dec 2007Final27 Jun 2008
20060011Collision between freight train 4AM3 and an 'elevated platform vehicle' at North Geelong in Victoria on 26 October 200626 Oct 2006Final08 May 2008
2006013Collision between freight train 9351 and an overturned semi-trailer at Illabo, NSW, 2 November 200602 Nov 2006Final06 Mar 2008
2006012Derailment of train 3DA2K near Tarcoola, South Australia, 1 November 200601 Nov 2006Final29 Feb 2008
RO-2007-004Derailment of train 6MP9 near Bates, South Australia, 10 Jun 200710 Jun 2007Final22 Feb 2008
2006007Derailment of Train 2CM3 near Seymour, Victoria, 12 September 200612 Sep 2006Final21 Feb 2008
20060015Level Crossing Collision between The Ghan Passenger Train (1AD8) and a Road-Train Truck, Ban Ban Springs, NT, 12 December 200612 Dec 2006Final13 Feb 2008
2006001Derailment of Freight Train 3AB6 Yerong Creek, New South Wales 4 January 200604 Jan 2006Final29 Jan 2008
2006003Signal 161 Passed at Danger, TransAdelaide Passenger Train H307, Adelaide, South Australia, 28 March 200628 Mar 2006Final20 Dec 2007
2007-002Level Crossing Accident, Chapple Street, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, 14 May 200714 May 2007Final14 Nov 2007
2006014Collision between Rigid Tipper Truck/Tri-axle Trailer and The Overland Passenger Train, 4AM8, Wingeel, Victoria, 15 November 200615 Nov 2006Final24 Oct 2007
2006006Level Crossing Collision between XPT Passenger Train ST24 and Passenger Car; Thurgoona Road, Albury, NSW05 Jun 2006Final29 Jun 2007
2006005Derailment of Train 5MB7 at Benalla VIC02 Jun 2006Final29 Jun 2007
20060010Level Crossing Collision, Elizabeth River, NT20 Oct 2006Final28 Jun 2007
2006002Derailment of XPT Passenger Train, ST22; Harden, NSW; 9 February 200609 Feb 2006Final28 Jun 2007
2006009Level crossing collision near Tailem Bend, SA04 Oct 2006Final15 Jun 2007
2006008Collision between freight train 6PM9 & track mounted excavator25 Sep 2006Final26 Mar 2007
2006004Collision-Rigid Tipper Truck/Quad Axle Trailer and Freight Train 4AM325 May 2006Final07 Feb 2007
2005004Level Crossing Collision - Edith Street, Horsham, Vic, 11 August 200511 Aug 2005Final22 Dec 2006
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