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Investigation reports
Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
Sorted by Occurrence Date descending
199400846Collision with terrain involving a Scheibe Flugzeugbau GmbH Bergfalke III, VH-GLC, Lake Keepit, NSW on 2 April 199402 Apr 1994Final02 Sep 1994
66Sinking of the off-shore supply vessel Boa Force24 Feb 1994Final02 Sep 1994
199400876Fuel contamination involving a Hughes Helicopters 369D, VH-MHE, Port Augusta Power Station, SA on 11 April 199411 Apr 1994Final01 Sep 1994
199303302Transmission and gearbox involving a Robinson Helicopter Co R22 ALPHA, VH-HBO, 315km W Cairns, QLD on 17 October 199317 Oct 1993Final01 Sep 1994
199201741Cessna Aircraft Company, 310R; VH-PAJ; Castle Rock Peak, 15km NW Muswellbrook, NSW21 Feb 1992Final01 Sep 1994
199401647Forced/precautionary landing involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 172E, VH-DJI, 30km E Broome, WA on 23 June 199423 Jun 1994Final31 Aug 1994
199401532Forced/precautionary landing involving a Bell Helicopter Co 47G-4A, VH-JKV, 46km NE Kalgoorlie, WA on 10 June 199410 Jun 1994Final31 Aug 1994
199401391Collision on ground involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 172N, VH-KGA, Wagin Airport, WA on 27 May 199427 May 1994Final31 Aug 1994
199400324Operational event involving a de Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd DH-82A, VH-CYA, Lake Keepit, NSW on 29 January 199429 Jan 1994Final31 Aug 1994
199304019Austflight U.L.A. Pty Ltd, Drifter A-503, 25-357, Tamrookum, QLD05 Dec 1993Final31 Aug 1994
199402152Runway excursion involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-151, VH-CEP, Shepparton, VIC on 7 August 199407 Aug 1994Final30 Aug 1994
199401773Collision on ground involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 404, VH-DLF, Mildura, VIC on 6 July 199406 Jul 1994Final30 Aug 1994
199401898Hard landing involving a Cessna Aircraft Company R182, VH-ALI, Geelong Airport, VIC on 5 July 199405 Jul 1994Final30 Aug 1994
199401550Collision with terrain involving a Grob - Burkhart Flugzeugbau Twin Astir, VH-IKA, Black Springs, SA on 12 June 199412 Jun 1994Final30 Aug 1994
199401015Abnormal engine indications involving a British Aerospace PLC BAe 146-300, VH-EWM, 65km N Mallacoota, NSW on 15 April 199415 Apr 1994Final30 Aug 1994
199400927Rejected take-off involving a Fokker B.V. F27 MK 50, VH-FNC, Albury, NSW on 7 April 199407 Apr 1994Final30 Aug 1994
199400251Partial power loss involving a S.A.A.B. Aircraft Co SF-340B, VH-LIH, Wyong, NSW on 19 January 199419 Jan 1994Final30 Aug 1994
199400008Partial power loss involving a Jodel, Societs Des Avions D9, VH-BJR, 'Tralee' 10km S Canberra, NSW on 1 January 199401 Jan 1994Final30 Aug 1994
199304135 involving a Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau GmbH Nimbus 2C, VH-FQL, 12km NNE Benalla, VIC on 15 December 199315 Dec 1993Final30 Aug 1994
199304130Forced/precautionary landing involving a Cessna Aircraft Company R172K, VH-WKW, 70km S Canberra, NSW on 12 December 199312 Dec 1993Final30 Aug 1994
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