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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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199301419Wheels up landing involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28R-201T, VH-FGE, Mangalore Aerodrome, VIC on 19 May 199319 May 1993Final11 Oct 1993
199302500Airspace related - Other involving a Beech Aircraft Corp C99, VH-OXD, Near Singleton, NSW on 12 August 199312 Aug 1993Final08 Oct 1993
199301146Loss of separation involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31, VH-FWJ and Beech Aircraft Corp 58, VH-MLX, Perth, WA on 27 April 199327 Apr 1993Final08 Oct 1993
199300818Airspace related - Other involving a The Boeing Company 737-476, VH-TJO, Cairns, QLD on 11 April 199311 Apr 1993Final08 Oct 1993
199301229Loss of separation involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 150M, VH-ILL and The Boeing Company 737-376, VH-TAH, 27kms NE Canberra, NSW on 6 May 199306 May 1993Final06 Oct 1993
54Collision betweeen yacht Libra and an unidentified ship09 Sep 1992Final06 Oct 1993
47Failure of the emergency steering system on board Pierre LD21 Nov 1992Final30 Sep 1993
199301723Depart/app/land wrong runway involving a Fairchild Industries Inc SA226-TC, VH-WGX and Piper Aircraft Corp PA-44-180, VH-FRI, Wagga Wagga, NSW on 9 June 199309 Jun 1993Final27 Sep 1993
199300692Navigation - Other involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-TXK, 40km W Sydney, NSW on 29 March 199329 Mar 1993Final27 Sep 1993
199203060Aerodrome related event involving a The Boeing Company 737-377, VH-CZF and Short Bros Pty Ltd SD330, VH-KNQ, 6km NW Brisbane, QLD on 11 December 199211 Dec 1992Final27 Sep 1993
199201230Cessna Aircraft Company, 172L; VH-ROA; Cape Barren Island, Tas24 Sep 1992Final23 Sep 1993
199200078Boeing 747-400 and Bell 206B111, Breakdown in Separation Standards over Sydney, NSW 20 June 199220 Jun 1992Final20 Sep 1993
199102639Boeing 737-377 VH-CZG, Boeing 737-376 VH-TJD, Mount Isa, Qld 1 March 199101 Mar 1991Final20 Sep 1993
199302312Collision with terrain involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-140, VH-MGH, Fairfield Station, QLD on 2 August 199302 Aug 1993Final31 Aug 1993
199200012Evans Aircraft, VP-1; VH-BFG; "Turalla" 2km NW Bungendore, NSW07 Mar 1992Final31 Aug 1993
199301876Collision with terrain involving a de Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd DH-82A, VH-RJA, Meldale Airstrip near Caboolture, QLD on 28 June 199328 Jun 1993Final30 Aug 1993
199301652Forced/precautionary landing involving a Hughes Helicopters 269B, VH-XBN, 90km W Landor Station, WA on 5 June 199305 Jun 1993Final30 Aug 1993
199301540Control - Other involving a Fokker B.V. F27 MK 50, VH-FNB, Albury, NSW on 19 May 199319 May 1993Final30 Aug 1993
199301378Doors involving a Bell Helicopter Co UH-1B, VH-NVV, 8km NE NAS Nowra, NSW on 15 May 199315 May 1993Final30 Aug 1993
199301306Collision on ground involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 210L, VH-MHC, Home Valley Station, WA on 8 May 199308 May 1993Final30 Aug 1993
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