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Investigation reports
Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
Sorted by Occurrence Date descending
199400036Forced/precautionary landing involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 172N, VH-TKH, 12km NE Biggenden, QLD on 6 January 199406 Jan 1994Final16 Sep 1994
199303945Runway excursion involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 150M, VH-LOZ, Mareeba, QLD on 28 November 199328 Nov 1993Final16 Sep 1994
199300342Collision on ground involving a Aerospatiale Industries AS355F2, VH-PHM, 1km S Little Beach, NSW on 5 March 199305 Mar 1993Final14 Sep 1994
199201806Benson Gyroplane; REG 1992018161; Primbee, NSW06 Sep 1992Final14 Sep 1994
199400107Hard landing involving a Maule Aircraft Corp MX-7-235, VH-KSQ, Marulan, NSW on 16 January 199416 Jan 1994Final13 Sep 1994
199304219Incorrect configuration involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31, VH-BEB, Bankstown, NSW on 24 December 199324 Dec 1993Final13 Sep 1994
199303838Collision with terrain involving a Ayres Corporation S2R, VH-JAY, Narromine, NSW on 21 November 199321 Nov 1993Final13 Sep 1994
199303630Wheels up landing involving a Beech Aircraft Corp A36, VH-JFP, Bankstown, NSW on 6 November 199306 Nov 1993Final13 Sep 1994
199303378Airframe event involving a de Havilland Canada DHC-8-102, VH-TQP, Sydney, NSW on 19 October 199319 Oct 1993Final13 Sep 1994
199302853Forced/precautionary landing involving a Cessna Aircraft Company T303, VH-OBH, Mudgee, NSW on 13 September 199313 Sep 1993Final13 Sep 1994
199302584Collision with terrain involving a Skyfox Aviation Ltd CA-22A, VH-DCD, 8km S Rugby, NSW on 19 August 199319 Aug 1993Final13 Sep 1994
199302235Partial power loss involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-31-350, VH-AVF, Armidale, NSW on 23 July 199323 Jul 1993Final13 Sep 1994
199201782Hughes Helicopters, 269C; VH-OBK; 40km NNE Warren, NSW01 Dec 1992Final13 Sep 1994
199402370ANSP info/procedural error involving a The Boeing Company 737, F-ODGX, Cullerin, NSW on 23 August 199423 Aug 1994Final12 Sep 1994
199401195Airborne Windsports Sting, REG_1994011951, Cape Byron, NSW25 Mar 1994Final11 Sep 1994
199402064Runway excursion involving a Piper Aircraft Corp PA-46-310P, VH-LRJ, Bendigo, VIC on 3 August 199403 Aug 1994Final05 Sep 1994
199401852Runway excursion involving a Cessna Aircraft Company TU206G, VH-EFT, Horn Island, QLD on 15 July 199415 Jul 1994Final05 Sep 1994
199304229Ground strike involving a Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau GmbH NIMBUS 2, VH-GOG, Massie Field, Warwick, QLD on 30 December 199330 Dec 1993Final05 Sep 1994
199400845Wirestrike involving a Hughes Helicopters 269C, VH-WPP, Cowley (20km S Innisfail), QLD on 5 April 199405 Apr 1994Final02 Sep 1994
199400846Collision with terrain involving a Scheibe Flugzeugbau GmbH Bergfalke III, VH-GLC, Lake Keepit, NSW on 2 April 199402 Apr 1994Final02 Sep 1994
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