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Investigation reports
Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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AO-2016-140Runway incursion involving a Fokker Aircraft B.V. F28 MK 0100, and a vehicle at Perth Airport, Western Australia on 19 October 201619 Oct 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-135Birdstrike and inflight vibration involving Boeing 747, registered VH-OEH near San Francisco International Airport, United States on 6 October 201606 Oct 2016Pending14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-136Engine failure involving Fairchild SA227, VH-VEU, 170 km S of Brisbane, Qld, on 12 October 201612 Oct 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-137Near collision involving Pilatus BN2, VH-IOA, and Bombardier DHC-8, VH-ZZJ, at Horn Island Airport, Queensland, on 12 October 201612 Oct 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-131Tail skid contact, involving a Boeing 777, registered 9V-SYG, at Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 9 October 201609 Oct 2016PendingN/A
AE-2016-133Accredited representative to the United States National Transportation Safety Board investigation of the collision with terrain involving Fokker DR-1, registered N83WR, at Fulshear, Texas on 3 October 201603 Oct 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-125Hydraulic malfunction involving Fokker F28 MK 100, VH-NHY, at Perth Airport, WA, on 23 September 201623 Sep 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-123Engine failure involving Airbus A320, VH-VFY, near Narrabri Airport, NSW, on 22 September 201622 Sep 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-115Ground handling accident involving Cessna 172RG, VH-MKG, Parafield Airport, SA on 11 September 201611 Sep 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-124Decent below segment minimum safe altitude involving Airbus A330-343X, 9M-XXI, near Gold Coast Airport, Qld, on 11 September 201611 Sep 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-117Taxiing incident involving Airbus A330, 9M-XXK, Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 9 September 201609 Sep 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-112Collision with terrain involving Jabiru J170, registered 24-5215, at Yarram Airfield, Victoria on 7 September 201607 Sep 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-144Fuel contamination - near Cloncurry Aerodrome, Qld on 7 September 201607 Sep 2016PendingN/A
AO-2015-139Aircraft loading events involving VH-VWT, Airbus A321, Melbourne Airport, Vic. on 29 October 2015 and VH-VQG, Airbus A320, Brisbane Airport, Qld on 19 October 201529 Oct 2015Pending24 Aug 2016
AO-2015-030Collision with terrain involving a Piper PA-25 Pawnee, VH-NLP west of Darlington, Victoria on 20 March 201520 Mar 2015Pending23 Aug 2016
326-MO-2016-005Grounding of Bow Singapore, Port Phillip Bay, Vic. on 19 August 201619 Aug 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-103Near collision involving Hawker Beechcraft Corporation B300C, VH-NAO, and a work safety officer, Sydney Airport, NSW, on 16 August 201616 Aug 2016PendingN/A
RO-2016-011Signalling control irregularity, Ballarat, Victoria on 11 August 201611 Aug 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-099Forced landing involving a Cessna A188B, VH-BCT, near Hay Airport, NSW, on 9 August 201609 Aug 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-084Loss of separation involving Airbus A330, 9M-XXC and Airbus A320, VH-VFO near Gold Coast Airport, Qld on 21 July 201621 Jul 2016PendingN/A
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