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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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200402714Cessna Aircraft Company 404, VH-ANM22 Jul 2004Final22 Dec 2004
200405150Boeing Co 737-800, VH-VOR20 Dec 2004Discontinued22 Dec 2004
200402049Cessna Aircraft Company U206A, VH-OWA04 Jun 2004Final23 Dec 2004
200404286Bell Helicopter Co 47G-4A, VH-AHL01 Nov 2004Final23 Dec 2004
200305496Piper Seneca, VH-CTT, Bankstown Airport, 11 December 200311 Nov 2003Final24 Dec 2004
200402749Boeing Co 717-200, VH-VQA26 Jul 2004Final24 Dec 2004
200403210Cessna Aircraft Company 207, VH-LFU30 Aug 2004Final24 Dec 2004
200403720Runway incursion at Sydney Airport, 30 September 200430 Sep 2004Final24 Dec 2004
200404700Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-110P1, VH-BWC29 Nov 2004Final24 Dec 2004
200500107Boeing Co 737-8BK, VH-VOC10 Jan 2005Discontinued11 Jan 2005
200302847Cessna Aircraft Company 172M, VH-TUR22 Jun 2003Final13 Jan 2005
200304091Piper Aircraft Corp PA-23-250, VH-WAC01 Oct 2003Final13 Jan 2005
200401052Through-Bolt Nut Fracture, Teledyne Continental Motors TSIO-520 M 01 Feb 2004Final01 Feb 2005
200402705Cessna Aircraft Company 404, VH-ANM21 Jul 2004Final02 Feb 2005
200402703Infringement of separation standards at Darwin airport20 Jul 2004Final03 Feb 2005
200500506Boeing 747 cargo aircraft conducted emergency landing Adelaide Aero.09 Feb 2005Discontinued10 Feb 2005
200402411Boeing Co 767-338ER, VH-OGP19 Jun 2004Final15 Feb 2005
200402626Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-120 ER, VH-ANJ13 Jul 2004Final18 Feb 2005
200403800Boeing Co 737-838, VH-VXM06 Oct 2004Final21 Feb 2005
200500074Aero Commander 500-B, VH-YJO and Airbus Industrie, ZK-OJG, 22 km East Melbourne 12 Jan 2005Final25 Feb 2005
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