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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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199700744North American Aviation Inc, T-6 MK IV, VH-YES, Tindal, Aerodrome, NT06 Mar 1997Final09 Jul 1998
199802489Air/pressurisation involving a The Boeing Company 767-338ER, VH-OGG, Hochiminh, Aerodrome, Other on 30 June 199830 Jun 1998Final09 Jul 1998
199702927Passenger related involving a Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica EMB-120 ER, VH-XFX, Brisbane, Aerodrome, QLD on 5 September 199705 Sep 1997Final10 Jul 1998
199703691Breakdown of co-ordination involving a Airbus A320-211, VH-HYX, 11km SW Adelaide, Aerodrome, SA on 31 October 199731 Oct 1997Final10 Jul 1998
199704305Wirestrike involving a Cessna Aircraft Company T188C, VH-MYR, 19km SE Ayr, Aerodrome, QLD on 27 December 199727 Dec 1997Final10 Jul 1998
199704226Loss of separation involving a The Boeing Company 747-438, VH-OJO and Unknown Aeroplane, UNKNOWN, 370km SE Mipap, (IFR), Other on 28 December 199728 Dec 1997Final10 Jul 1998
199800099Collision with terrain involving a Robinson Helicopter Co R22 BETA, VH-HFF, Canberra, Aerodrome, ACT on 14 January 199814 Jan 1998Final10 Jul 1998
199802387Near collision involving a S.A.A.B. Aircraft Co SF-340A, VH-KEQ and S.A.A.B. Aircraft Co SF-340B, VH-EKH, 28km SW Wagga Wagga, VOR, NSW on 21 June 199821 Jun 1998Final10 Jul 1998
199703644Near collision involving a General Dynamics Corporation F-111, UNKNOWN and Howard Hughes Engineering P/L GA-55 LIGHTWING I, Q827, Ballina, Aerodrome, NSW on 5 November 199705 Nov 1997Final11 Jul 1998
199704108Runway excursion involving a de Havilland Canada DHC-2, VH-AAJ, 37km S Walcha, (ALA), NSW on 16 December 199716 Dec 1997Final11 Jul 1998
199800408Weather - Other involving a The Boeing Company 767-238, VH-EAO, 37km WSW Sydney, Aerodrome, NSW on 15 January 199815 Jan 1998Final11 Jul 1998
199800313Fuel contamination involving a Bell Helicopter Co 412, VH-BZH, 209km NE Truscott, (ALA), WA on 17 January 199817 Jan 1998Final11 Jul 1998
199800218Cessna Aircraft Company, 182L, VH-EFX, Jerramungup, WA23 Jan 1998Final11 Jul 1998
199800368Operational non-compliance involving a The Boeing Company 747, JA8190, 130km S Brisbane, Aerodrome, NSW on 31 January 199831 Jan 1998Final11 Jul 1998
199801956Loading related involving a Mcdonnell Douglas Corp. DC9-33F, VH-IPC, Melbourne, Aerodrome, VIC on 13 May 199813 May 1998Final11 Jul 1998
199701514Loss of separation involving a Airbus A320-211, VH-HYX and The Boeing Company 737-476, VH-TJY, 65km SSE Darwin, VOR, NT on 9 May 199709 May 1997Final13 Jul 1998
199801024Collision with terrain involving a Robinson Helicopter Co R22, VH-KKG, Mangalore, Aerodrome, VIC on 21 March 199821 Mar 1998Final13 Jul 1998
199801372Rejected take-off involving a British Aerospace PLC BAe 146-200A, VH-JJP, Darwin, Aerodrome, NT on 17 April 199817 Apr 1998Final13 Jul 1998
199801510ACAS warning involving a Cessna Aircraft Company P206, VH-SIR and Airbus A320-211, VH-HYA, 74km SE Perth, Aerodrome, WA on 3 May 199803 May 1998Final13 Jul 1998
199800067Forced/precautionary landing involving a Hughes Helicopters 369D, VH-HWD, Ulan State Mines, NSW on 7 January 199807 Jan 1998Final14 Jul 1998
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