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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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AO-2012-131Loss of separation involving Boeing 717, VH-NXQ and Boeing 737, VH-VXM near Darwin NT on 2 October 201202 Oct 2012PendingN/A
AO-2011-108Collision with terrain - MD Helicopters Inc.369D, YJ-HEL, Unua village, Malekula, Vanuatu, 26 August 201126 Aug 2011Final02 Oct 2012
AO-2012-017Collision with terrain - De Havilland DH-82A aircraft, VH-GVA, Maryborough Airport, Victoria, 27 January 201227 Jan 2012Final04 Oct 2012
AO-2011-160In-flight breakup - Cessna C210, VH-WBZ, 100 km NNW Roma, Qld, 7 December 201107 Dec 2011Final09 Oct 2012
AO-2011-033Collision with water - Aero Commander 500S, VH-WZU, 26 km north-north-west of Horn Island, Queensland, 24 February 201124 Feb 2011Final10 Oct 2012
AO-2012-153Navigation event involving S.A.A.B. 340B, VH-TRX, 11 km SSW Williamtown Airport, NSW, 8 November 201208 Nov 2012PendingN/A
AE-2012-163Technical assistance to QLD Police Service - amateur-built SeaRey amphibious aircraft, VH-RRZ, near Weipa, Qld, 15 November 201215 Nov 2012FinalN/A
AO-2012-132ATC procedural error inbolving Boeing 737, VH-VUM, 41 km SSW Williamtown, NSW on 28 September 201228 Sep 2012Preliminary15 Nov 2012
AO-2011-070Operational non-compliance - Airbus A320, VH-VNG, 17 km ENE Melbourne Airport, Vic, 7 June 201107 Jun 2011Final19 Nov 2012
AO-2012-086Runway incursion - Perth airport safety vehicle, 15 June 201215 Jun 2012Final27 Nov 2012
AO-2012-161Loss of separation involving Airbus A330s, VH-EBM and VH-QPC, 148 km E of Narrogin (ALA), WA, 28 November 201228 Nov 2012PendingN/A
AE-2011-139Collision with terrain - N402HA - Bailey-Moyes Dragonfly, Ridgely Airpark, Maryland, US, 23 July 201123 Jul 2012Final04 Dec 2012
AO-2011-060Collision with terrain - Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter, VH-DSD, 85 km NW of Julia Creek, Qld, 9 May 201109 May 2011Final06 Dec 2012
AO-2011-062In-flight engine malfunction – Boeing 747-438, VH-OJH, 100 km south-east of Bali International Airport, Indonesia, 9 May 201109 May 2011Final19 Dec 2012
AO-2010-043 Collision with terrain - Piper PA-31P-350, VH-PGW, 6 km NW of Bankstown Airport, NSW, 15 June 201015 Jun 2010Final20 Dec 2012
AO-2013-010Navigation event - Embraer ERJ 170, VH-ANO near McArthur River Mine, NT, 10 January 201310 Jan 2013PendingN/A
AO-2012-022Inadvertent thrust lever asymmetry during the take-off roll involving an Airbus A320, VH-JQX06 Feb 2012Final22 Jan 2013
AO-2011-109Pilot incapacitation while operating a Robinson R44 Helicopter, VH-HCA03 Sep 2011Final24 Jan 2013
AO-2011-147Loss of separation between VH-TFK and VH-PDP, 6 km N Cairns, QLD, 23 November 201123 Nov 2011Final04 Feb 2013
AO-2012-005Speed control during landing Bombardier DHC-8-102, VH-QQA, Cairns Airport, Qld, 30 December 201130 Dec 2011Final12 Feb 2013
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