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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
Sorted by Occurrence Date descending
61Fire on board the Union Rotorua29 Dec 1993Final11 Jan 1995
64Collision between AM Vella & Searoad Mersey31 Jan 1994Final20 Dec 1994
63Structural failure of fuel tanks aboard Osco Star19 Jan 1994Final30 Nov 1994
65Grounding of Searoad Mersey at northern end of Omagh reef14 Feb 1994Final22 Nov 1994
62Fatality aboard the off-shore supply vessel Shelf Supporter29 Dec 1993Final22 Sep 1994
66Sinking of the off-shore supply vessel Boa Force24 Feb 1994Final02 Sep 1994
60Structural damage on board Osco Star11 Dec 1993Final08 Aug 1994
58Injury on board the offshore supply vessel Pacific Commander01 Nov 1993Final08 Aug 1994
51Grounding of fv Oji Maru06 Apr 1993Final08 Aug 1994
59Close quaters between Blossom Forever & Pearl Prosperity02 Nov 1993Final30 Jun 1994
52Grounding of the bulk carrier Malinska28 Apr 1993Final22 Jun 1994
57Fire on board general the cargo vessel Iron Flinders26 Sep 1993Final08 Apr 1994
56Fatality on board the off-shore supply ship Maersk Runner28 Jul 1993Final08 Apr 1994
49Collision between fv Rhonda Lene and Fareast03 Dec 1992Final08 Apr 1994
55Grounding of Oppama Spirit12 May 1993Final10 Dec 1993
53Grounding of container ship Berlin Express02 May 1993Final17 Nov 1993
50Capsize of the crane barge Titan25 Dec 1992Final18 Oct 1993
54Collision betweeen yacht Libra and an unidentified ship09 Sep 1992Final06 Oct 1993
47Failure of the emergency steering system on board Pierre LD21 Nov 1992Final30 Sep 1993
46Fire on board the tanker Australian Achiever01 Nov 1992Final20 Aug 1993
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