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Investigation reports
Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
Sorted by Occurrence Date descending
115Fatality on board Blue Fin18 Apr 1997FinalN/A
97Fatality aboard the Matilda Bay17 Aug 1996Final28 Feb 1997
95Grounding of the Panamanian flag Peacock18 Jul 1996Final14 Feb 1997
94Collision between River Embley and the fv Bronze Wing10 Jul 1996Final23 Jan 1997
92Fire aboard the bulk carrier Docebay14 May 1996Final17 Jan 1997
89Fire aboard the U.S. flag seismic research vessel Casey Chouest31 Jan 1996Final05 Dec 1996
91Collision between Bogasari Dua and Midas05 Mar 1996Final21 Oct 1996
90Contact with “Old Man Rock”, Darwin Harbour by Carabo 1 21 January 199626 Jan 1996Final30 Sep 1996
88Collision between an unidentified trading ship and fv Jay Dee01 Jan 1996Final30 Aug 1996
87Grounding of Singaporean bulk carrier Sea Crane02 Dec 1995Final26 Jun 1996
86Contact between New Noble and Goonzaran23 Nov 1995Final31 May 1996
85Boiler fire aboard the livestock carrier Mawash AL Gasseem09 Sep 1995Final01 May 1996
84Capsize of the landing barge Keppel Trader07 Aug 1995Final16 Feb 1996
82Grounding of the Danish ship Svendborg Guardian24 Jun 1995Final22 Dec 1995
80Grounding in Newcastle Harbour by River Torrens01 Jun 1995Final11 Dec 1995
83Grounding of Iron Baron on Hebe Reef10 Jul 1995Final05 Dec 1995
81Collision of Iron Prince with fv Pices17 Jun 1995Final31 Oct 1995
78Grounding of Bulkazores due to tropical cyclone Bobby24 Feb 1995Final18 Oct 1995
75Grounding of Conus in Platypus Channel12 Jan 1995Final10 Oct 1995
76Serious incident to a crew member aboard Far Sword24 Jan 1995Final19 Sep 1995
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