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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
Sorted by Occurrence Date descending
49Collision between fv Rhonda Lene and Fareast03 Dec 1992Final08 Apr 1994
55Grounding of Oppama Spirit12 May 1993Final10 Dec 1993
53Grounding of container ship Berlin Express02 May 1993Final17 Nov 1993
50Capsize of the crane barge Titan25 Dec 1992Final18 Oct 1993
54Collision betweeen yacht Libra and an unidentified ship09 Sep 1992Final06 Oct 1993
47Failure of the emergency steering system on board Pierre LD21 Nov 1992Final30 Sep 1993
46Fire on board the tanker Australian Achiever01 Nov 1992Final20 Aug 1993
40Fatality on board Searoad Mersey 27 Mar 1992Final20 Aug 1993
42Fatality on board the livestock carrier Zebu Express22 Jul 1991Final20 Aug 1993
45Loss of Daeyang Honey en route to Mizushima, Japan23 Oct 1992Final17 Jun 1993
41Collision between Longevity and yacht Blue Goose of Arne02 Apr 1992Final17 Jun 1993
48Grounding of training ship Wyuna01 Dec 1992Final10 Jun 1993
44Collision between Australian yacht Champers and unknown vessel01 Sep 1992Final10 Jun 1993
38Fire on board fv Northern L30 Nov 1991Final11 May 1993
43Grounding of seismic operations vessel Rig Seismic15 Apr 1992Final13 Oct 1992
39Grounding of the Daishowa Maru11 Feb 1992Final05 Oct 1992
37Grounding of the Australian flag TNT Carpentaria04 Oct 1991Final24 Aug 1992
35Collision between Khudozhnik Ioganson and the fv Zodiac03 Sep 1991Final04 Aug 1992
31Collision between Jin Shan Hai and the fv Kekenni01 Jul 1991Final28 Jul 1992
36Grounding of the motor tanker Jovian Loop09 Sep 1991Final08 Jul 1992
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