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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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RO-2011-016Collision between train 1901S and train 5132S at Dry Creek, South Australia on 11 October 201111 Oct 2011Final03 Apr 2013
RO-2012-003Collision involving a motor vehicle and train 4460S, 10 km south of Port Germein, SA, 19 March 201219 Mar 2012Final19 Apr 2013
RO-2011-012Partial train separation of XPT ST24 near Broadmeadows, Victoria on 11 August 201111 Aug 2011Final26 Apr 2013
RO-2013-004Derailment of 4DA8 at Katherine NT on 30 January 2013 30 Jan 2013Final26 Jun 2013
RO-2011-009Failure of wheel on locomotive near Fisher, SA on 28 May 201128 May 2011Final03 Jul 2013
RO-2013-020Derailment of locomotive 8122 at South Dynon VIC on 25 July 2013 25 Jul 2013PendingN/A
RI-2011-015Investigation of rail operations on the interstate rail line between Melbourne and Sydney 16 Aug 2011Final22 Aug 2013
RO-2012-002Derailment of freight train 7SP3 near Roto NSW on 4 March 201204 Mar 2012Final30 Aug 2013
RO-2013-006Derailment of freight train 3MC1 near Locksley, Victoria on 12 February 2013 12 Feb 2013Final11 Oct 2013
RO-2013-012Derailment of train 331 near Lowdina, Tasmania on 9 April 2013 09 Apr 2013Final15 Oct 2013
RE-2012-012Technical assistance to the NSW Office of Transport Safety Investigations (OTSI) in their investigation into the structural failure of a container wagon that occurred near Gulgong, NSW on 5 December 201205 Dec 2012Final24 Oct 2013
RO-2013-011Collision between a motor vehicle and freight train 9261, Brown Street level crossing, Allansford, Victoria, 19 March 201319 Mar 2013Final29 Oct 2013
RO-2013-026Derailment of freight train 3XW4 at Newport, Victoria on 30 October 201330 Oct 2013PendingN/A
RO-2013-003Multiple SPAD by freight train 9837 at Hurlstone Park, NSW on 30 January 201330 Jan 2013Final15 Nov 2013
RO-2012-007Level crossing collision between train 3PW4 and a motor vehicle, Werribee, Vic, on 25 May 201225 May 2012Final18 Dec 2013
RO-2013-022Proceed Authority exceedance by train 9337N near Junee NSW on 20 August 201320 Aug 2013Final18 Dec 2013
RO-2013-005Collision of passenger train T842 with station platform Cleveland, Qld, 31 January 201331 Jan 2013Final20 Dec 2013
RO-2014-001Derailment of passenger train 602M at Edgecliff NSW on 15 January 201415 Jan 2014PendingN/A
RO-2013-025Safeworking irregularity at Glenrowan, Victoria on 29 October 201329 Oct 2013Final23 Jan 2014
RO-2013-023Level crossing collision between passenger train 7MA8 and a dual cab utility, Inverleigh, Vic, 31 August 201331 Aug 2013Final05 Feb 2014
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