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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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RO-2013-002Derailment of freight train 3PS6 Yunta, SA on 17 January 201317 Jan 2013Final26 May 2015
AO-2013-216Collision with terrain involving an Aérospatiale Squirrel helicopter, AS350B2, VH-HRQ, 240 km west of Davis Base, Antarctica on 1 December 201301 Dec 2013Final25 May 2015
AO-2009-072Ditching of Israel Aircraft Westwind 1124A aircraft, VH-NGA, 5 km SW of Norfolk Island Airport on 18 November 200918 Nov 2009Pending25 May 2015
319-MO-2015-002Grounding of Maersk Garonne, Fremantle, Western Australia on 28 February 201528 Feb 2015Preliminary21 May 2015
307-MO-2014-002Unintentional release of the freefall lifeboat from Aquarosa, Indian Ocean on 1 March 201401 Mar 2014Final20 May 2015
RO-2014-003Derailment of grain train 9130 at Emu, Victoria on 12 February 201412 Feb 2014Final20 May 2015
AO-2015-053VFR into IMC involving a Beech A36, VH-ANX, overhead York (ALA), Western Australia on 19 May 201519 May 2015PendingN/A
AO-2015-054Flight below minimum altitude involving SAAB 340B, VH-OLL, near Adelaide, South Australia, on 18 May 201518 May 2015PendingN/A
AO-2015-049Stall warning event involving a Raytheon B200, VH-ZCO, Darwin Airport, Northern Territory on 17 May 201517 May 2015PendingN/A
AO-2015-048Descent below minimum permitted altitude involving an A319, VH-VCJ, near Melbourne Airport, Vic. on 15 May 201515 May 2015PendingN/A
AO-2015-050Separation issue involving a Cessna 208, VH-LNH and a Cessna 207, VH-WOX near Kununurra, WA on 15 May 201515 May 2015PendingN/A
RO-2014-013Derailment of ST24 near North Melbourne Station, Victoria on 11 July 201411 Jul 2014Final14 May 2015
AO-2015-052E/GPWS Warning and missed approach, involving a SAAB 340B VH-OLL, 7 km north of Wynyard Airport, Tasmania, on 13 May 201513 May 2015PendingN/A
AO-2015-046Landing event involving a B737 at Christchurch Airport, New Zealand on 11 May 201511 May 2015PendingN/A
AO-2013-163Loss of control and collision with terrain involving Cessna 182 VH-AUT, Hamilton Airport, VIC on 23 September 201323 Sep 2013Final07 May 2015
AO-2015-047Wake turbulence event involving a Bombardier Dash 8, VH-QOY at Sydney Airport, NSW on 7 May 201507 May 2015PendingN/A
AO-2015-042Fuel starvation event involving a Cessna 210, VH-BKD, 3 km E of Broome Airport, Western Australia on 3 May 03 May 2015PendingN/A
RO-2013-010Derailment of grain train 9054 near Pyramid Hill, Vic. on 5 March 201305 Mar 2013Final29 Apr 2015
RO-2014-012Derailment of ore train 24 KW near Whyalla, SA on 7 July 201407 Jul 2014Final28 Apr 2015
AO-2013-049Flight path management occurrence involving Boeing 737-838, VH-VYE, 213 km SSE of Brisbane Airport, Qld on 25 February 2013 25 Feb 2013Final27 Apr 2015
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