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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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AE-2014-018Assistance to the TAIC - Flight control maintenance event involving Boeing 737-800, ZK-ZQG, Auckland, New Zealand on 7 June 201330 Jun 2013Final16 Sep 2014
AO-2013-057VFR flight into dark night conditions and loss of control involving Cessna T210N, VH-MEQ, 2 km north-west of Roma Airport, Qld on 25 March 201325 Mar 2013Final16 Sep 2014
AE-2013-223Technical assistance to the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, involving the analysis of an audio recording of communications between air traffic control and the pilot of Beechcraft Baron G58, registered N254F on 30 March 201330 Mar 2013Final15 Sep 2014
RO-2012-006Collision between two road/rail vehicles at Haig, WA on 24 May 201224 May 2012Final15 Sep 2014
AO-2014-149Collision with terrain involving Vans RV-6 VH-TXF near Mudgee Airport NSW 14 September 201414 Sep 2014PendingN/A
AO-2014-151Collision with terrain involving a Bell 206, VH-FHX, 94 km ENE of Jabiru, Northern Territory on 14 September 201414 Sep 2014PendingN/A
RO-2014-007Derailment of train 3WB3 at Nambucca Heads, NSW on 14 May 201414 May 2014Preliminary12 Sep 2014
AO-2013-072Landing gear failure and runway excursion involving Cessna 441 VH-XBC Coonawarra Airport, SA on 31 March 201331 Mar 2013Final08 Sep 2014
AO-2014-150Near collision involving an Evektor Sportstar, 24-4467 and a PA28R Piper Arrow, VHKGP, Wollongong Airport, New South Wales, 7 September 201407 Sep 2014PendingN/A
AO-2014-148Collision with terrain involving a Mooney M20J, VH-JDY, at Northam (ALA), Western Australia on 5 September 201405 Sep 2014PendingN/A
RO-2013-009Derailment of freight train 9501V at South Dynon Junction, West Melbourne, Vic on 2 March 201302 Mar 2013Final04 Sep 2014
AO-2014-124Collision with a tree involving a Cessna 172, VH-EEC, 19 km NNW Albany, WA on 13 July 201413 Jul 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-126Collision with terrain involving Robinson helicopter VH-ZZM, 115 km W Rockhampton Airport Qld on 12 July 201412 Jul 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-113Collision with terrain involving a Bell 206, VH-NKW, near Taroom, Qld on 20 June 201420 Jun 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-108Collision with terrain involving a Bell 206, VH-KSV, 200 km SW Kalumburu, WA on 13 June 201413 Jun 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-106Engine failure involving a Piper PA-46, VH TSV, 46 km SW Narrabri airport, NSW on 12 June 201412 Jun 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-102Loss of separation assurance involving a Boeing 737, VH-XZA and a Fairchild SA227, VH-ANW, near Darwin Airport, NT on 2 June 201402 Jun 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-087Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22, VH-HEP, 40 km NE of Hughenden, Qld on 13 May 201413 May 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-088Loading issue involving a Boeing 737, VH-VZO at Canberra Airport, ACT on 9 May 201409 May 2014Final03 Sep 2014
AO-2014-082Cargo hold smoke event involving a Boeing 737, DQ-FJH, Melbourne Airport, Vic, on 26 April 201426 Apr 2014Final03 Sep 2014
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