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Investigation reports
Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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AO-2013-124In-flight engine failure involving Sikorsky S-76C helicopter, VH-EXU, Snapper Platform, Bass Strait (74 km east of Longford, Victoria), on 11 July 2013 11 Jul 2013Final20 Oct 2016
RO-2016-010Collision between a road vehicle and V/Line passenger train at Pogue Road level crossing, Toolamba, Victoria on 27 July 201627 Jul 2016Final19 Oct 2016
319-MO-2015-002Grounding of Maersk Garonne, Fremantle, WA on 28 February 201528 Feb 2015Final17 Oct 2016
AO-2016-135Birdstrike and inflight vibration involving Boeing 747, registered VH-OEH near San Francisco International Airport, United States on 6 October 201606 Oct 2016Pending14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-097Runway incursion and separation issue involving Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-BFL, and Cessna 210, VH-NLV, Mitchell Plateau ALA, WA, on 9 August 201609 Aug 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-089Wheels up landing involving Beech 58, VH-UZO, at Gove Airport, NT, on 8 August 201608 Aug 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-087Low fuel and precautionary landing involving Cessna 172, VH-WKB, 30 km N of Broome Airport, WA, on 1 August 201601 Aug 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-086Wirestrike involving Robinson R22, VH-HRL, 63 km W of Blackall Airport, Qld, on 27 July 2016 27 Jul 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-082Engine failure and forced landing involving Piper PA-28, VH-TAK, 3 km NW of Bankstown Airport, NSW, on 21 July 201621 Jul 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-080Hard landing involving Kavanagh Balloons E-300, VH-LPG, near York, WA, on 16 July 201616 Jul 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-075Pilot incapacitation involving Cessna 208, VH-NTQ, near Horn Island, Queensland, 12 July 201612 Jul 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-067Flap cable failure and ground strike involving Airparts NZ FU-24, VH-TTD, 50 km ESE of Tamworth Airport, NSW, on 26 June 201626 Jun 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-062Separation issue due to runway incursion involving Cessna 172, VH-EKV, and Beech 58, VH-MLB, Alice Springs Airport, NT, on 16 June 201616 Jun 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-056Runway incursion involving Fairchild SA227, VH-HPE, Richmond Airport, Qld, on 7 June 201607 Jun 2016Final14 Oct 2016
AO-2016-136Engine failure involving Fairchild SA227, VH-VEU, 170 km S of Brisbane, Qld, on 12 October 201612 Oct 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-137Near collision involving Pilatus BN2, VH-IOA, and Bombardier DHC-8, VH-ZZJ, at Horn Island Airport, Queensland, on 12 October 201612 Oct 2016PendingN/A
RO-2015-017Locomotive runaway at the Sydney Operations Yard Chullora, NSW, on 23 September 201523 Sep 2015Final11 Oct 2016
AO-2016-132Severe turbulence involving Bombardier DHC-8-402, VH-LQM, 72 km SW of Canberra Airport, ACT, on 10 October 201610 Oct 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-134Wheels up landing involving Cessna 210, VH-UPN, Broome Airport, Western Australia, on 10 October 201610 Oct 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-131Tail skid contact, involving a Boeing 777, registered 9V-SYG, at Melbourne Airport, Victoria, on 9 October 201609 Oct 2016PendingN/A
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