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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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AO-2014-086In-flight break-up involving Cicaré CH-7B, VH-SWQ 43 km north-west of Barcaldine Airport Queensland on 12 May 201402 May 2014Final05 Feb 2016
AO-2014-114Collision with terrain involving DHC-1, 'Chipmunk' VH-UPD near Coffs Harbour, NSW on 29 June 201429 Jun 2014Final04 Feb 2016
RO-2015-005Wrong running direction involving passenger train 165-S, Mt Druitt, NSW on 12 March 201512 Mar 2015Final29 Jan 2016
AE-2015-081Assistance to the TAIC - Engine failure, Pacific Aerospace Ltd 750XL, Lake Taupo, New Zealand on 7 January 2015 07 Jan 2015Final29 Jan 2016
AO-2016-006Collision with water involving Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-235, VH-PXD, 33 km SSE of Avalon Airport, Victoria on 29 January 201629 Jan 2016PendingN/A
AO-2015-128Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-NCL, at Newman Airport, Western Australia on 6 November 201506 Nov 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-125Aircraft control issue involving a Liberty XL-2, VH-CZS, at Camden Airport, NSW on 29 October 201529 Oct 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-123Partial engine failure involving a Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-FGN, near Busselton Airport, Western Australia, on 21 October 201521 Oct 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-121Wheels-up landing involving a Cessna 172RG, VH-HTP, at Elcho Island Aerodrome, NT on 14 October 201514 Oct 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-120Fuel management issue involving a PA31-350, VH-HJH, 19 km north of Goulburn Airport NSW on 12 October 201512 Oct 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-115Fuel exhaustion event involving a Cessna 182, VH-DNZ, at Adelaide, South Australia on 2 October 201502 Oct 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-122Runway incursion involving a Cessna 172M, VH-EJM and a vehicle at Townsville Airport, Queensland on 10 September 201510 Sep 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-098Collision with terrain involving a Beech A36, VH-PAK, near Southport Airport, Queensland on 16 August 201516 Aug 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-078Pre-flight planning event involving a Boeing 737, VH-YIU, at Christchurch Airport, New Zealand on 14 July 201514 Jul 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2015-067Weather related event involving a Bombardier DHC-8, VH-XFQ, at Leinster Airport, WA on 23 June 201523 Jun 2015Final28 Jan 2016
AO-2016-007Collision with terrain involving Cessna 208 Seaplane, VH-WTY, 11 km northeast of Hamilton Island Airport on 28 January 201628 Jan 2016PendingN/A
AO-2016-005Loss of separation involving Boeing 737, VH-YFN and VH-VZV and Robinson R44, VH-WYR near Essendon Airport, Victoria, on 26 January 201626 Jan 2016PendingN/A
AO-2013-226In-flight break-up involving de Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth, VH-TSG 300 m east of South Stradbroke Island, Qld on 16 December 2013 16 Dec 2013Final21 Jan 2016
AE-2013-144Technical Assistance to the National Transportation Safety Committee of Indonesia – specialist recovery of flight recorder information from two British Aerospace 146-200 aircraft and a British Aerospace ATP-F aircraft involved in separate occurrences in Indonesia during May 201308 May 2013Final21 Jan 2016
321-MO-2015-004Man overboard from Hyundai Dangjin at Port Walcott, WA, on 10 July 2015 10 Jul 2015Final19 Jan 2016
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