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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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306-MO-2014-001Crew member injury on board the passenger ship Seven Seas Voyager while berthed in Sydney, NSW on 1 February 201401 Feb 2014Final23 Jan 2015
AO-2015-010Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-ZBH, Herbertvale Cattleyard (ALA), Queensland, 23 January 201523 Jan 2015PendingN/A
RO-2014-017Collision between freight train 7MD3 and road vehicle at Katherine, NT, on 12 October 201412 Oct 2014Final20 Jan 2015
RO-2014-020Derailment of train 735 near Colebrook, Tasmania on 9 November 2014 09 Nov 2014Preliminary19 Jan 2015
AO-2015-009Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, VH-SSD, 23 km NE of Roma, Queensland, 16 January 201516 Jan 2015PendingN/A
315-MO-2014-012Fire on board the livestock carrier Ocean Drover, Fremantle, WA on 9 October 201409 Oct 2014Preliminary15 Jan 2015
RO-2013-007Derailment of train 9614S, near Port Augusta, SA on 17 February 201317 Feb 2013Final14 Jan 2015
RO-2013-027Derailment of freight train 9204V, Sims Street Junction, West Melbourne, Victoria on 4 December 201304 Dec 2013Final13 Jan 2015
AO-2015-006Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R44, VH-YMD near Alice Springs on 9 January 201509 Jan 2015PendingN/A
AO-2015-007Birdstrike involving a SAAB 340B, VH-OLM, Moruya Airport, NSW, 9 January 201509 Jan 2015PendingN/A
AO-2015-008Wheels-up approach and go-around involving PA-31-350, VH-TXK, at Townsville Airport, Queensland, 9 January 201509 Jan 2015PendingN/A
AO-2015-004Near collision between a Beechcraft 76 aircraft, VH-ZUA and a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter, VH-SWX near the Gold Coast Airport, Qld, 4 January 201504 Jan 2015PendingN/A
AO-2015-002Near collision involving a Cessna 152, VH-NKL and a Starduster SA300, VH-XRS at Tyabb Airport, Victoria on 2 January 201502 Jan 2015PendingN/A
AO-2014-192Collision with terrain involving Cessna 172, VH-PFT, Storm Bay near Port Arthur, Tasmania on 29 December 201429 Dec 2014PendingN/A
AO-2015-003Proximity event between a Robinson R44 helicopter, VH-JKF and a Cessna 172, VH-EVR at Essendon Airport, Victoria, on 28 December 201428 Dec 2014PendingN/A
AO-2015-001Collision with terrain involving a Schweizer 269C-1, VH-FTY at Parafield Airport, SA on 24 December 201424 Dec 2014PendingN/A
AO-2014-160Loss of control involving a Jabiru, 24-7491, at Broome Airport, WA on 3 October 201403 Oct 2014Final23 Dec 2014
AO-2014-157Hard landing involving a Kavanagh Balloon, VH-CNX, 60 km NW of Gold Coast Airport, Qld on 26 September 201426 Sep 2014Final23 Dec 2014
AO-2014-154Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R44, VH-HLB, 126 km ESE of Tindal Airport, Northern Territory on 23 September 201423 Sep 2014Final23 Dec 2014
AO-2014-145Loading event involving a Bombardier DHC-8, VH-LQK, at Brisbane Airport, Qld on 25 August 201425 Aug 2014Final23 Dec 2014
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