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Investigation numberTitleOccurrence Date Report statusRelease
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AO-2012-029Breakdown of separation between GAF Nomad N22C, VH-ATO and two Boeing 737s, VH-VZA and VH-TJY, 17 km north-east of Melbourne Airport, Vic. on 16 February 201216 Feb 2012Final29 Aug 2014
AO-2014-144Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-YPC, 70 km north west of Halls Creek, WA on 25 August 201425 Aug 2014PendingN/A
AO-2014-145Loading related event involving a Bombardier DHC-8, VH-LQK, at Brisbane Airport, Qld on 25 August 201425 Aug 2014PendingN/A
AO-2014-143Runway excursion involving a GA8 Gippsland Airvan, VH-XHV at SSE of Murray Field Airport (Pinjarra Skydiving Airstrip) Western Australia on 24 August 2014 24 Aug 2014PendingN/A
AO-2013-010Navigation event involving Embraer E170 VH-ANO, 232 km north-west of McArthur River Mine, NT on 10 January 2013 10 Jan 2013Final22 Aug 2014
AO-2014-142Wirestrike involving Robinson R66, VH-JRX, near Giru, Qld. on 20 August 201420 Aug 2014PendingN/A
AO-2013-046Propeller loss involving Jabiru Aircraft J430, north of French Island, Vic, on 8 March 201308 Mar 2013Final19 Aug 2014
AO-2014-119Collision with terrain involving Cessna T210N, VH-ZFW, near Inverell Airport, NSW on 4 July 201404 Jul 2014Pending08 Aug 2014
AO-2014-107Operational non-compliance involving a Beechcraft 200, VH-NMW, near Sydney Airport, NSW on 5 June 201405 Jun 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-100Near collision involving a Beechcraft BE76, VH-SRO and a Cessna 172, VH-EEM, 27 km S Archerfield Airport, Qld on 30 May 201430 May 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-093Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-WDB, 90 km N Bourke, NSW on 23 May 201423 May 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-095Collision with terrain involving a Bell 412, VH-ESD, 72 km WNW Townsville, Qld on 23 May 201423 May 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-083Loss of control involving a Cirrus SR22, N802DK, near Katoomba, NSW on 10 May 201410 May 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-069Landing on a closed runway involving PA28 VH-FEZ, Wangaratta Airport, Vic. on 12 April 201412 Apr 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-051Controlled flight into terrain involving Piper PA34, VH-COU at Denmark (ALA), WA on 13 March 201413 Mar 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-045Flight control system event involving an F100, VH-FZO, near Argyle aerodrome, WA on 7 March 201407 Mar 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-025Engine failure involving a Cessna C206, VH-YOT, 4 km ENE Newman Airport, WA on 17 February 201417 Feb 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-003 Operational non-compliance involving an Airbus A320, VH-VGU, 26 km south of Melbourne Airport, Vic, on 1 January 201401 Jan 2014Final06 Aug 2014
AO-2014-140Loading event involving a Fairchild SA227, VH-UZI, at Rockhampton Airport, Qld on 6 August 201406 Aug 2014PendingN/A
AO-2014-135Collision with terrain involving a Cessna C206, VH-TND at Rawnsley Park, SA on 2 August 201402 Aug 2014PendingN/A
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