Safety Advisory Notice MO-2010-006-SAN-015

Safety Advisory Notice issued to: Small commercial vessels

Recommendation details
Output No: MO-2010-006-SAN-015
Date issued: 19 July 2011
Safety action status: Closed
Background: Why this Safety Advisory Notice was developed

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau advises that all state and territory marine authorities should consider the safety implications of this safety issue and take action where considered appropriate.

Output text

Global Supplier was built and surveyed as a Uniform Shipping Laws (USL) Code vessel and therefore was not fitted with radar or an AIS unit which would be required under the provisions of the current National Standard for Commercial Vessels. Had these devices been fitted, they would have provided information that would have assisted both Global Supplier's skipper and Far Swan's watchkeepers, in avoiding the collision.

Last update 17 October 2013