Recommendation MO-2010-003-SR-006

Recommendation issued to: Tosco Keymax International Ship Management Co.

Recommendation details
Output No: MO-2010-003-SR-006
Date issued: 14 April 2011
Safety action status: Closed
Background: Why this Recommendation was developed

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that Tosco Keymax International takes further safety action to address this safety issue.

Output text

Significant safety issue
The ship's safety management system did not contain procedures or guidance on the proper use of GPS route plans and their relationship to the ship's passage plans.

Response from Tosco Keymax International
The ATSB has been advised by Tosco Keymax International that since the incident, in accordance with the company's policy of continuous improvement, Tosco Keymax has implemented additional inspection regimes and provided information and further training to ship's staff relevant to issues arising from the grounding.

ATSB assessment of action
The ATSB remains concerned that there is no proper guidance in the ship's safety management system to ensure that the defences offered by a GPS route planning system are used in conjunction with the passage plan.

Last update 29 November 2012