Safety Advisory Notice RO-2009-009-SAN-028

Safety Advisory Notice issued to: Australian Rail Track Corporation

Recommendation details
Output No: RO-2009-009-SAN-028
Date issued: 20 January 2011
Safety action status: Closed
Background: Why this Safety Advisory Notice was developed

Output text

On site and pre-commissioning test phase

Minor safety issue
Where a design involves complex signalling arrangements, may be beneficial to involve the designing engineer during the final onsite field testing phase as they have the best understanding of the interlocking principles. This places them in a strong position to identify any design omissions or deficiencies that may not have been evident during earlier phases of a project.

ATSB safety advisory notice RO-2009-009-SAN-028
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau advises that the Australian Rail Track Corporation should consider the implications of this safety issue and take action where considered appropriate.

Last update 04 September 2012