Recommendation RO-2008-009-SR-030

Recommendation issued to: Pacific National

Recommendation details
Output No: RO-2008-009-SR-030
Date issued: 21 December 2009
Safety action status: Closed - Action Taken
Background: Why this Recommendation was developed

Output text

Safety Issue

The trailing bogie of wagon RCPF-31882C was found to have loose and broken wedge wear plates. It could not be verified whether the wedge wear plates had broken free before or during the derailment sequence. However, if the condition had existed prior to the derailment, it is likely that body roll induced while traversing a series of track irregularities could result in undamped harmonic oscillations.

ATSB safety recommendation

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that Pacific National takes safety action to address this safety issue.

Initial response
Date issued: 27 April 2010
Response from: Pacific National Line
Response text:

PNL has train examination procedures in place for these items. It is also included in the new version of the Pacific National Wagon Pocket Field Manual

The ATSB is satisfied that the intended action by PNL would adequately address the safety issue.

Last update 05 April 2012