Recommendation MR20080019

Recommendation issued to: Port Waratah Coal Services

Recommendation details
Output No: MR20080019
Date issued: 23 May 2008
Safety action status:
Background: Why this Recommendation was developed

Output text

Safety Issue

The queue of 57 ships off Newcastle on 7 June 2007 increased the risk of collisions, groundings and other difficulties in the subsequent heavy weather. Capacity allocations systems have proved effective in reducing the queue in the past and, consequently, reduced the risks to ships, the port and the environment. The significant public benefit of enhanced safety that results from a reduced queue had not been identified or recognised during the application process for the authorisation of these allocation systems.

Safety Recommendation

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that Port Waratah Coal Services, individually and as a member of the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Logistics Team, take action to address this safety issue.

Last update 05 April 2012