Recommendation RR20050005

Recommendation issued to: Pacific National

Recommendation details
Output No: RR20050005
Date issued: 30 June 2005
Safety action status:
Background: Why this Recommendation was developed

Output text

The ATSB recommends that Pacific National undertake a review and implement remedial action as required of the refurbishment and assembly of bearings to make sure that:

a) appropriate measures are in place to reduce the risk of accidental damage to components
b) reconditioned roller assemblies are appropriately inspected when installed
c) bearing bore sizes are satisfactory at the time of overhaul. (Desirably the method of measurement should be assessed to determine if it could adequately differentiate between diameters at the outer edges of the inner rim compared with the centre of the ring).
d) journal diameters are satisfactory at the time of overhaul
e) bench end play measurements at bearing re-qualification are examined to make sure that the measurements are within specification and lateral end play on installation is within specification.

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