Safety Advisory Notice SAN20040043

Safety Advisory Notice issued to: CASA and operators and pilots of Cherokee Six

Recommendation details
Output No: SAN20040043
Date issued: 18 March 2004
Safety action status: Closed
Background: Why this Safety Advisory Notice was developed

Output text

Safety Advisory Notice

The ATSB suggests that CASA, through its industry publications, inform operators and pilots of Cherokee Six aircraft that a fuel selector control visual indication might not ensure selection of the intended fuel tank. In that case, actual fuel tank selection may be incorrect or partial, and result in the possibility for inconsistent engine fuel supply. Pilots should confirm correct visual fuel tank selection by detent feel.

Initial response
Date issued: 28 May 2004
Response from: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Action status: Closed - Accepted
Response text:

The issue will be addressed during the year with articles in Flight Safety Australia (FSA) regarding fuel management practices. However, the opportunity also exists for the ATSB to write something on this matter in their section of FSA.

Last update 01 April 2011