Recommendation R20040090

Recommendation issued to: Department of Defence

Recommendation details
Output No: R20040090
Date issued: 04 March 2005
Safety action status: Closed
Background: Why this Recommendation was developed

Output text

Safety Recommendation
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that the Department of Defence (airport infrastructure owner) and Darwin International Airport Pty Ltd (civilian facilities operator) consider installation of centreline lighting and touchdown zone lighting, consistent with CASA recommended practices on runways wider than 50 m.

Initial response
Date issued: 07 July 2011
Response from: Department of Defence
Action status: 119
Response text:

I. The ATSB Safety Report into B717 VH-NXE heavy landing at Darwin on 07 Feb 08 recommended that runway centreline lighting be installed at Darwin International Airport (DIA).

2. Air Force has reviewed the report, and has consulted with Darwin International Airport on the issue of runway centreline lighting. Initial cost estimates for installation are approximately $3M, however additional costs may ensue with a potential upgrade to the lighting equipment rooms and repairs due to incompatibility of arrestor hook equipped military aircraft with centreline lighting.

3. The Air Force position is as follows:
a. Existing approach lighting at Darwin is appropriate for a Cat 1 precision approach runway.
b. Installation, upgrade and maintenance costs do not represent value for money.
c. The installation of runway centreline lighting is not imperative and will not be pursued (D1A are in agreement).
d. The option of reverting the runway lighting to 45m width would be costly and viewed as a low priority infrastructure change.

ATSB response:

The ATSB notes that the runway centreline lighting for Darwin Airport still does not meet the ICAO or CASA recommended requirements.  As such, the ATSB classifies the response as:  Closed - Not Accepted.

Further correspondence
Date issued: 16 March 2005
Response from: Department of Defence
Response status: 120
Response text:

Thankyou for a copy of the subject report in your letter at Reference A. The Deputy Chief of the Air Force has been briefed on the report and has requested the Directorate of Capability Management to consider your recommendation and provide feedback through DFS. When this becomes available it will be forwarded to you.

ATSB comment:

As at 27 March 2008, no further advice had been received from the ADF on their consideration of the recommendation and the ATSB reclassifies it as Closed - Partially Accepted.

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