Recommendation R20040018

Recommendation issued to: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Recommendation details
Output No: R20040018
Date issued: 13 January 2004
Safety action status:

Limitations of the See-and-Avoid Principle

The following recommendations were issued as part of the BASI Research Report - "Limitations of the See-and-Avoid Principle", 1991. At the time of the issue of that report the six recommendations were not assigned formal recommendation numbers. To facilitate publication of the recommendations and the responses to them, they have been entered into the OASIS database. As a result, the recommendation numbers assigned to them do not reflect the actual recommendation issue date, rather the date that they were entered.

Output text

Safety Recommendation

The CAA should require white strobes rather than red rotating beacons to assist visbility when the aircraft appears against dark backgrounds.

Note: The Recommendation was issued to the [then] Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in 1991.

Initial response
Date issued: 29 April 1998
Response from: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Action status: Open
Response text:

CASA feels that rotating beacons and strobe lights should be used whenever an aircraft is airborne or is taking off, landing, or taxying or being towed (including temporarily stopped while being towed) on an active runway. Pilots are not always able to assess when the display of these lights is effective, so CASA recommends their use on every flight.

Further correspondence
Date issued: 12 November 2001
Response from: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Response status: Closed - Accepted
Response text:

CASA does not accept this recommendation. Whilst it is acknowledged that there are some circumstances in which visibility would be enhanced by the use of white strobe lights in place of red rotating beacons there would only be a marginal reduction in the level of risk when taken in the total context of collision avoidance strategies. CASA would not be able to sustain with industry, the argument for such equipage on a demonstrable cost benefit basis.

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