Safety Advisory Notice SAN20020122

Safety Advisory Notice issued to: Transport Canada

Recommendation details
Output No: SAN20020122
Date issued: 12 June 2002
Safety action status: Closed
Background: Why this Safety Advisory Notice was developed

Output text

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau suggests that Transport Canada should note the deficiencies identified relating to electrical discharge damage to the number-1 bearing of the Pratt and Whitney (Canada) PT6A engine models equipped with TRW Lucas, model 23078 and 23085, starter-generators.

Initial response
Date issued: 12 July 2002
Response from: Transport Canada (Tarf)
Response text:

Transport Canada has noted the deficiencies identified by the ATSB and has been working with the engine manufacture, Pratt & Whitney Canada, regarding the source of the electrical discharge damage (EDD) - TRW Lucas Starter Generator models 23078 and 23085. It is expected that it will be necessary for a coordinated effort on the part of: Transport Canada, the FAA and the CAA U.K. as the respective State of Design Authorities responsible for the PWC PT6A engine group, the Lucas starter-generator and the Shorts & Harland SD3-60 aircraft.

At this time, Transport Canada awaits the proposed corrective action from the FAA and TRW Lucas to electrically isolate the starter-generator output shaft from the engine starter generator.

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