Recommendation R20020245

Recommendation issued to: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Recommendation details
Output No: R20020245
Date issued: 15 November 2002
Safety action status:

See ATSB report BS/20010005,

"Investigation into Ansett Australia maintenance safety deficiencies and the control of continuing airworthiness of Class A aircraft".

Output text

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority develop and issue clear guidance material for, and review its surveillance of, Australian operators of Class A aircraft in relation to:
* continuing airworthiness assurance activities, including the major defect reporting system
* knowledge of mandatory continuing airworthiness requirements under Australian civil aviation legislation
* the transmission of information to the organisation responsible for the type design
* the receipt, assessing and actioning of safety-related service documentation.

Initial response
Date issued:
Response from: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Action status: Closed - Accepted
Response text:
Further correspondence
Date issued: 30 January 2003
Response from: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Response status: Monitor
Response text:

The Authority acknowledges the intent of this Recommendation. The current advisory material set out in Civil Aviation advisory publication, CAAP 51-1, along with that proposed in the new suite of Maintenance Regulations, provide for this. A copy of CAAP 51-1 is enclosed for your information.

ATSB response:

The ATSB will continue to monitor the implementation of CASA's proposed safety action.

Based on the previous advice and the ongoing work to change the regulations the ATSB reclassifies the recommendation as Closed-Accepted (20 March 2008).

Last update 03 April 2012