Recommendation R20020185

Recommendation issued to: Bureau Of Meteorology

Recommendation details
Output No: R20020185
Date issued: 20 September 2002
Safety action status:
Background: Why this Recommendation was developed

Output text

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that the Bureau of Meteorology in conjunction with Airservices Australia develop a position in major air traffic control locations, to be staffed with Bureau of Meteorology meteorologists, to be the focal point for weather information coordination.

Initial response
Date issued: 19 April 2004
Response from: Bureau Of Meteorology
Action status: Closed
Response text:

The following response dated 13 April 2004 was received from the Bureau of Meteorology:

The Bureau agrees, in principle, that having Bureau meteorologists at major air traffic control locations would be a positive move in improving air traffic management and safety. Perhaps the most effective location for these staff would be in the two TAAATS centres, which are located at Melbourne and Brisbane Airports. The Bureau already has an office, the Sydney Airport Meteorological Unit (SAMU) in the Sydney Terminal Control Unit. Clearly, further discussion will be needed on this issue with Airservices, but they offer significant opportunities not only to improve air traffic management, but to provide training and mutual understanding. There would be a cost implication for industry since cost of the extra positions would be recovered.

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