Recommendation R20010038

Recommendation issued to: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Recommendation details
Output No: R20010038
Date issued: 16 February 2001
Safety action status:

See Air Safety Information Paper `ATSB Survey of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in Australia'.

Output text

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that CASA requires Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers to undergo appropriate human factors training addressing non-technical performance in areas such as coordination, communication and the management of time pressures.

Initial response
Date issued: 03 September 2001
Response from: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Action status: Closed - Partially Accepted
Response text:

CASA has included Human Factors subjects in the revised Aircraft Maintenance Engineer syllabus under CASR Part 147 - Maintenance Training Organisations, ensuring that students are trained in this subject. For current Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, CAR 30 and CAR 214 Training Programmes should be utilised to deliver Human Factors Training.

Last update 01 April 2011